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From the Rafters (1.1.15)

by Wyatt Arndt / Vancouver Canucks
The Canucks started the new year with a contest against the LA Kings. Read on to find out about a lion's innermost thoughts on hockey, Raffi's outlook on the Canucks, and the smuggest smirk you'll ever see.

- Despite questionable mask choices over the years, Eddie Lack is always a top five goalie in the league when it comes to amazing pads. Look at those glorious pieces of art. You almost want the puck to never mark them up, but that would lead to scores of 28-2, so we’ll have to live with a few scuff marks here and there.

- From french fries a few years ago to gumbo today. The culinary world has brought its A game to Rogers Arena. There are even rumors that napkins are being handed out. NAPKINS! What a world.

- Who knew Dustin Brown was so into french?


- Brad Richardson took the first penalty of the new year for cross checking. That is when we learned a valuable lesson about cross checking a player jumping for the puck: it looks a thousand times worse when you cross check a jumping player because he literally flies through the air. You look like Superman swatting aside a puny human.

-There was an icing call (though later argued to be an offside call) that was so bad even the LA Kings mascot called it out. Fin was probably busy eating small children in the stands to weigh in on it. That Fin. Always eating people or shooting at them with t-shirt cannons.

- “Mr. Burrows, I do declare!”

- Even with light blooming up the picture, those 1980’s Canucks jerseys shine through like a light house.

- One of the joys of front row seats? Taking kick ass pictures like this one. Look at that. You can almost see the moment Quick’s heart breaks. You can also see a 1994 jersey as well, making this picture worth double points.


- Wear those red eyes with pride!

- Sometimes it’s hard to find tweets celebrating a Canucks goal that don’t have excited cursing in them. This is where Raffi comes in. You can always rely on Raffi for family friendly Canucks tweets.

- Who hates the crossbars and posts?? Come on! They make a loud noise and were featured heavily in the Mighty Ducks movie. What’s not to love?

- Hopefully this is a metaphor otherwise 2015 just got super weird. It would explain his love of carrots, however.

- Don’t hate the organist, the man is doing a fine job. The song, well, some things can’t be defended.

- The look of a Canucks fan witnessing their first two shot period by the home team.


- She means smother with love. Love, not a pillow. Nothing illegal going on here. *nervous laughter*

- The smirk of satisfaction you give mom when you win your first game worn jersey.

- This kind of tweet occurred several million times tonight if you need an idea of who the Canucks best player was.

- See? A game that slips out of the Canucks grasp and Raffi maintains his composure. The man is a true professional.

- Wine is good to have on hand for games like tonight. Games when life decides it’s your turn to suffer so they mock you by ruining your favorite hockey team’s night.

- Yes. This.


- Best silver lining about the start of the new year.

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