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Frankie goes to Abbotsford

by Tyson Giuriato / Vancouver Canucks
Ever wonder what a player goes through on a game day? Yes? Perfect, because we have you covered.

Canucks prospect Frank Corrado, who shares a room on the road with fellow prospect Yann Sauve, took us through one of his recent game days while the Comets were in Abbotsford. All the juicy details are below.

9:30am – Wake up, get dressed. Simple.

9:45am – Breakfast time. Also simple. Consists of ham, cheese and eggs. “If I have access to a ham and cheese omelette that is my preferred breakfast on a game day.”

10:30am – Bus to the rink.

10:40am – Arrive at the rink and time for a little stretch before hitting the ice. “I do a little stretch with the foam roller; it loosens up the muscles and flushes out the acids in your legs.”

11:15am – Morning skate. “I go out for a light skate. Feel the puck, feel the ice. It doesn’t have to be too hard, you just want to feel good.”

12:30pm – Bus back to the hotel for a pre-game meal. And dessert! “My pre-game meal is usually a big plate of pasta with two chicken breasts and a salad. Then a little ice cream right after, which helps me go to sleep.”

1:15pm – Back to the room, time for a couple minutes of TV before falling asleep.

1:30pm – Nap time. “The longest I nap is about two hours.”

3:30pm – Time to wake up and get focused on the upcoming game. “I have a pre-game journal where I write down everything I need to do in the game. It helps get my head right for the game. I started it in my first year of junior. It was (former Sudbury Wolves assistant coach) Jeff Buekeboom’s idea. He said he did it and he saw me having problems with consistency and said it was a good way to deal with it. I found ever since I have been doing it I have been much more consistent as a player, so it’s a big part of my game day.”

4:30pm – Bus back to the rink. If you are counting at home that is bus ride No. 3. “I throw the head phones on, play a lot of soccer, do a little bike ride and a little jog followed by a dynamic warm-up.”

6:05pm – Time to throw the gear on, the “right” way. “Right stuff always goes on first. Right sock, right shin-pad, right skate, right elbow pad.”

6:25pm – Pre-game warm ups.

7:00pm – Game time. Comets were 1-0 victors on this particular game day.

9:30pm – Post-game workout. “After the game, I do a little bike ride to flush out the legs and do a little foam roll if I need it.”

10:15pm – After showering and changing clothes, it’s time for the post-game meal. “I usually try and have a steak or something with a lot of protein. I try not to have pasta after the games because I have it before the game, but if I have to, I will.”

11:30pm – Back to the hotel to catch some sleep. “I have trouble sleeping right after games. (Yann) Sauve falls asleep pretty fast, but I just sit there wired. I usually watch my two post-game shows, Jimmy Kimmel and then Jimmy Fallon, and then fall asleep and do it all over again in the morning.”

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