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For Reel: World War Z

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
Jason Garrison’s apocalypse kit is starting to come together.

“I’ve been thinking about it a lot,” admitted the 28-year-old Vancouver Canucks defenceman. “I’m thinking a cell phone is key, you can do anything from a cell phone. Food, water and a weapon of some kind too, probably a David Booth bow and arrow.”

Maybe Garrison should stick to comedies.

A few months ago Garrison went to the movies with his cousin, aunt and uncle and opting to delve into a new genre of flick, he followed his family into World War Z, an apocalyptic film about a zombie pandemic threatening to destroy humanity.

This is not typically Garrison’s cup of tea, but hey, you only live once – unless you become a zombie then technically you live twice, right?

“I was a little skeptical going into it because I had seen a bit of the preview and it looked entertaining, but kind of zombiesh, totally not my thing. Then I saw it and it was really good and really had nothing to do with zombies or anything like that, it had a very good story behind it. And for a long movie, I was entertained the whole time.

“I walked away being like ‘hey, that was actually pretty good. I was entertained.’”

World War Z is available to rent or buy through Cineplex Store; the new unrated cut features even more zombie apocalyptic action – and even more Brad Pitt.

Pitt, who plays Gerry Lane, a father of two who is out for a quiet family drive before all hell breaks loose, stars in the film and as an ex-United Nations investigator, he steps up to try and save the day.

Mr. Pitt, if you’re reading this, Garrison is a fan. If the script of his life story is offered up, he thinks you’d play an excellent Jason Garrison.

“He’s good, good actor for sure, good looking dude,” said Garrison. “Absolutely he’d play me in my life story movie, no doubt about that, he can do the beard too. He was in his prime when he did Troy, I think him right around there is when he should have done a movie about me, but it’s never too late.”

Best add a vanity mirror to Garrison’s apocalypse kit.

VERDICT - Overall Garrison gives World War Z four no-zombie-signs out of five.

Click here to rent or buy a new unrated cut of World War Z from the Cineplex Store

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