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For Argument's Sake - NFL player to become NHL player

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

We know you have opinions - we've heard them all and we appreciate them so keep it coming!

But do you think you've got the best argument? Prove it and see just how convincing you can be.

Every two weeks, we'll pose a question and we want to hear what you think. Submit your answer to the question of the week and we'll feature some of the most convincing, outrageous, or just plain outstanding arguments.

The Debate: What NFL player (past or present) do you think would make a good NHL player?

Kyle Behrens says Doug Flutie! Easy!

He even had the hockey hair. In todays NHL, his size wouldn't be an issue. He's Canadian, so he probably played a bit of it growing up, and he kind of reminds me of Theo Fleury.


Gary Soo says Neon Deion Sanders. Being that he was already a two-sport professional athlete, transitioning to hockey would not have been a stretch for the only man ever to play in a World Series and a Superbowl.

Voted as one of the fastest players ever in the NFL, and considering his adeptness at stealing bases in baseball, you could only imagine how much faster this man could have been on the ice.

Sanders was born in Florida and Pavel Bure played a few seasons there...

Coincidence? Not likely.

Liam Fearnley says I'd love to see Terrell Owens on a line with Ovechkin... think of the goal celebrations!

Jo L says Ted Washington.

6'5", listed at 375 lbs (Which means he was probably pushing 400). As a goalie.

Have him sit on the goal line, with his arms crossed so as to raise his shoulders, nothing will get past him.

Opposing players can't even try to push him into the net when he has the just wouldn't work!

Dylan Burke says Ben Roethlisberger. He's bigger than Todd Bertuzzi, thrives on pressure, is a good leader, and makes those around him better.

Ben Roethlisberger would be a power forward, similar to Todd Bertuzzi in the glory days, never shying from a hit, and often shaking them off.

Dave Eschenbacher says Troy Polamalu: He is 5'10", 207 lbs. Short and powerful.

He is very fast, incredibly hard-hitting, and he has a great sense of where he needs to be to make the play.

He has some pretty good hand-eye coordination, i.e. the one handed interception against San Diego last November.

He would make a fantastic energy line guy, running net front interference, or just lining guys up and lowering the boom a la Scott Stevens.

Also, who wouldn't reminisce a little old time hockey with that hair blowing while he skates down the ice?

Marcus S says NFL? NFL!? What's wrong with you people! It's all about the CFL, and as a Canadian team I thought you'd realize that!

Anyways, my answer is Geroy Simon, because superman would have no problem on ice.

Andrew Wilkinson says Larry Fitzgerald from the Arizona.

Not only is he huge (6"3 217) but he is fast and has really soft hands. I'm sure he could be a bruiser if he wanted to be but he could also be the passer and the break away player.

He would be like Alexander Ovechkin a jack-of-all-trades.


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