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First time spectator

by Nicklas Jensen / Vancouver Canucks

The guys were split into two groups today – the guys who are playing and the guys who aren’t. The guys who play obviously have a game day skate and then the other guys got a little change and played kick ball and football outside. I won’t be playing in the game tonight so I got my first try at kick ball. I got a home run so that’s not bad for a first time.

I’ve played football before but I think I’m just okay. The NFL isn’t as big in Denmark because it’s got so much soccer but we get to watch it a little bit. I do watch the Superbowl though but I don’t have a favourite team or anything – I’d rather watch the NHL if that was on instead though.

I’m going to get a bit of a rest day today because we played so many games so quickly. Of course, I always want to play because it’s not fun to watch your own team play but it’ll also be good for me to recover. I think it is going to hard because it’s my first game not playing even though it’ll be fun hanging out with the guys. I’d rather be in there and be able to actually do stuff but it’s so different watching from the stands because you can see so much more from up there.

It’ll be neat to be in the stands and actually experience what the fans see. The fans and city have been great to us hosting the tournament. Like I said before, the city is beautiful so it’s a really good place to be. The fans are starting to recognize us and come and say hi so it’s pretty cool. It’s nice to be recognized but I want to make sure that I just be myself and be polite.

We didn’t have any games yesterday but had a tough practice so afterwards we didn’t really do very much. went for dinner with my agent and some of the guys who have the same agent. We came to watch a little bit of the game last night. It was neat to see the NHL jerseys out there, especially to think that I’m one of those guys out there too. It was a little strange to see the Jets in their practice jerseys because they have their names and numbers on them, which practice jerseys usually don’t but it was cool to see.

For me personally, my jersey number is 46 for camp but I think that’s just what they assign you at camp. My number back in Oshawa is 17 but Kesler’s 17 so I don’t think I’ll be taking that here. In Denmark, I wore 13 all my life until I made the pro team but someone already had 13 so I chose 17. I liked Kovalchuk when I was younger so people were saying I have to take his number so I think that’s how it happened and it just stuck.

If I could choose, I wouldn’t know what number I would choose. Maybe I would switch it around and do 71. My dad wore 25 and I did that once but it seems like too much of a defenceman’s number so I’m not sure.

Fan question time:

Question: If you could play with one player past or present one-on-one who would you choose and why?
Probably Jaromir Jagr because he was my idol growing up and he was my favourite player. He’s such a good player so I don’t think I would have the puck very much. It’s pretty neat to think about playing against a player that good. He’s probably one of the best with the puck but I would definitely enjoy it. I don’t know what I would do against him to get the puck away from him – maybe it would be a game-time decision.

Got any questions? I would love to hear from you. Send me your thoughts.

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