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Fin's Sixth Birthday

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

That is how old FIN turned on June 4th, 2007. The orca that was introduced at Canuck Place, June 4, 2001 as the official Vancouver Canucks mascot, has become quite an ambassador for the team.

To date, FIN has made almost 700 appearances (not including Canucks games), at community, corporate, and private functions.

FIN celebrated his birthday at Canuck Place on Monday as he does every year, doing it like only a whale can. There were only a handful of children at the hospice but FIN enjoyed their company as well as Canuck Place staff who do a great job of organizing the day.

Canuck Place presented FIN with a framed photo collage of his interaction with the children over the years. Over six years, a whale can sure make a lot of memories and looking at the collage will tell you that.

While it took him a long time to choose one, one of his most memorable times at Canuck Place was when he played foosball with a little boy who had Downs Syndrome and he was so determined to beat FIN. For the record, he did beat FIN.

FIN played a game with the kids, did a craft, and then had birthday cake. The cake was graciously donated by Fratelli’s Bakery, who have provided a cake every year. It was a white and dark chocolate marble cake… even whales can appreciate that.

His popularity has grown every year with people of all ages and will no doubt earn the hearts of even more in the coming years. He’s just so easy to love.

An education program called FIN’s Friends was introduced two years ago at the kindergarten level and has expanded this year to Grade 2. The program emphasizes character education by teaching the virtues of social responsibility, such as kindness, compassion, and fairness.

FIN has made appearances all over British Columbia and North America including, New York, Orlando, Dallas, and Minnesota.

Most recently, you may have seen FIN in Dallas at the 2007 All-Star game, where he accompanied Canuck goalie Roberto Luongo. While Luongo made the saves in the game, FIN shined in his own way, as always.

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