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by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
If you’ve been to a game at GM Place in the past two years, you’ve seen it. During the first timeout of the second period, a season ticketholder is pulled out of the stands and presented with a jersey signed by their favourite player. They’re asked to fill out a brief questionnaire beforehand - things like their most memorable Canucks moment.

Of all the highlights, one clip gets requested above all the others: the hit.

Trevor Linden closes in on Jeff Norton of the St. Louis Blues in the 1995 playoffs and drills him with a stiff shoulder at the half boards. Norton crashes through the glass and flips into the stands.

It’s difficult to conjure a more emblematic clip of #16 than that hit. It’s been played on the scoreclock during the ticketholder presentation so many times that the original beta tape wore out and had to be redubbed.

If you’ve watched the Day Six video, then you’ve heard Trevor talk about it. His only thought at that moment: whether the two people sitting in the first row were okay. And that pretty much sums up Trevor Linden.

He’s always put the fans first. It’s the reason he’s so respected and beloved – not just by Canucks fans, but by hockey fans everywhere.

What better way to express our gratitude than by sharing a few notes sent to the Vancouver Canucks office following Linden’s retirement announcement last summer.

Thank for always conducting yourself with class, dignity, honesty & integrity - both on and off ice. You gave us a reason to feel proud and, on a personal level, you provided a role model for my son and taught him that being a gentleman was "cool".
We have followed your career since you arrived son is 20 and you've been a huge part of his life...our lives. You've shown tremendous heart, determination, and loyalty as a Vancouver Canuck and have always led by example.
We shall miss you beyond words.
- Debbie Wilde

I am Costa Rican, and the first time I watched a hockey game, you were playing with Cliff Ronning and Pavel Bure in 1993! In 1994 I was on vacation in Montreal. I'll never forget how people were cheering for the Canucks. You are an inspiration for me, and for many Costa Ricans, who - believe it or not - follow the most beautiful sport in the world, even though we don’t have ice to skate! Thank you for sooo many years of great hockey and beautiful memories. The best is yet to come Trevor! Pura Vida!

We are nearly the same age. I look at what you do and how you carry yourself, and I’m not ashamed to say that you have influenced the way I conduct my self every day. I often tell the kids I’ve coached that they should strive to be like you. You are a fabulous role model and I have a great deal of respect for you. You’re a class act and I will miss cheering for you. The memories of 94 will never be forgotten.
- Darren Church

I remember watching you when I was just a kid. You played for the Tigers and I lived in Swift Current. I went to all the Bronco games with my dad - so I would see you every time you came into town. I loved you even back then! Thank you for the childhood memories.
Thank you, Trevor, most importantly for being a CLASS ACT and for caring so much about your community and about humanity. Good Luck in your future endeavours and don't forget about us! Forever a Linden fan...
- Jason Hofer

A few years back, Jack MacIlhargy brought me down in to the dressing room at a game here in Calgary. I never really got the chance to thank you properly for the signed hat you gave me. I was just in shock that you took the time to sit and talk to me. It was an awesome experience for me. Thank you. You truly are a class act, and deserving of the fan support shown in your last game. It was an honor to have met you, and I will miss watching you play.
- Jay in Calgary.

revor, you have been an amazing inspiration to many children and I am proud to say that my son wants to be like you one day. We had the pleasure of meeting you in Edmonton last March. You were nothing short of gracious to my son.
The things you do on and off the ice are remarkable. You have given so much of your time to the community of Vancouver and they will forever be grateful for all that you have done... You are a man that exemplifies grace and dignity both on and off the ice. #16 will remain forever in our hearts and you will be greatly missed by not only the players, Canucks organization, but by the fans as well.
- Shari Nachai

It’s been 20 years in the NHL... that is longer than I have even been on this earth. I am a 17-year-old girl and I live up Prince Rupert, so obviously I don’t recall the great run of 94, but I talk about it as if I had. Trevor Linden, you have kept my hope in the team alive. Whenever we needed you, you would step right up.
It broke my heart Vancouver when you left Vancouver, but seeing you back with the Canucks filled me with joy. I have gotten all my younger siblings addicted to that same passion. My one-year-old sister even knows what hockey is, and she will know who Trevor Linden is. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. You will always be a Canuck in my heart, as all Canucks fans.
- Jordan McAthy

Unlike the multitudes of children who appear to have grown up with you as their hero, I wasn't "introduced" to the game until your home-coming to the Canucks generated some curiosity... The next thing I knew, I was watching every game. I remember a particular stretch where the team seemed to suffer on a near nightly basis. Our family still took pleasure in watching you continue to dig in, and this got me thinking - if Linden can keep going so hard at our "old" age, then maybe I can start learning how to skate myself?
A lot of stumbling later, both my teenage son and I remain addicted to the sport, both as avid Canuck fans and as wanna-be recreational players who no longer fall every time a puck touches the stick. So there you go - not only a local hero to children who grew up watching you, but an inspiration to mid-thirties women and their sons. - Lee Ross

My friend and I took an 11-year old boy, who has been through a sad time of late, to a recent fan appreciation day. We ran into you in the parking lot as we were leaving with a few of your teammates. They walked to their cars and waved. You stopped and signed his shirt and hat for him. You made him so happy he will never forget that day. This is the kind of thing that makes you stand out from the rest. Vancouver is losing a great player.
- Joy

I'll never forget when the Canucks had their training camp in Cranbrook. My son and I were at your hotel waiting to see the team. All the players were willing to sign autographs for him - which was fantastic - but you were the only one to take the time to really acknowledge and chat with him. That will always stick with him, and with me. Beyond being a great player - you are an amazing person!
- Dan

Captain Trev - that's what you were as I was growing up. All your big milestones – the '94 run, the Olympics in '98, the return from exile '01 - were thrilling and swept me up. Though the biggest thing, is how in victory or defeat, on the ice or off, you were and are the definition of class, humility, grace, hard work, and sacrifice. Your level-headed and well-worded interviews, your humble, hands-on involvement with charities, and your natural leadership inspire many, and exemplify what athletes and other role models should aspire to. While it's sad to see you leave, I know you will continue to be a blessing to those around you. Congratulations on your retirement and all the best!
- Aaron

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