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Eyes At The Draft Day 3

by Jonathan Wall / Vancouver Canucks
Canucks Manager of Scouting and Player Information, Jonathan Wall’s in Columbus preparing for the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

Amongst the craziness of the event, he’s kindly agreed to share a few thoughts and show us a little bit about what it’s like in the life of a scout during the week.

Day three – Wednesday:

Well after a long day, I am going to try to get a good night sleep as I know that Thursday night's sleep will be fitful. We further refined our list today, and interviewed 6 players through the afternoon. It's amazing how success can impact the way people view a team. We met with 3 players today who named the Canucks as their favorite club, and you could tell that they were being genuine. We've seen a lot more Vancouver fans year than we have in the past.

We've also begun to look hard at few potential scenarios that might play out at the last minute. Forecasting is a crucial part of succeeding at the draft and we're currently looking at a few different possibilities so we're ready if anything is presented to us Friday night.

It feels like there's a huge group of players that could go in the First Round this year. Because of that, we think that there might be teams looking to tinker with their position in the First and at the top of the Second Rounds. Right now, we have the 25th and 33rd picks, but a team might want to move down to 25 and make their pick available to us in exchange for our 2 picks. Nothing like that has happened yet, but we are ready to go if it does. It's all about making the most of your assets, and if you can do more with less, you've got a leg up on the table next to you.

We have our list, but it as always interesting to look at lists from other sources just to see what they're predicting. We also do some mock drafts to see who might be available based on stuff we've heard over the past few days, and our knowledge of other team's tendencies and needs.

You hear a lot of things like around the draft, Team A told Player Y that he is not getting past them in the first rounds, or that a player is getting a lot of interest from a team that picks here or there. It is interesting again to try to separate the information from the disinformation, but in reality, until we are called to the podium we have no idea who we might end up selecting. That's all for tonight, hopefully the excitement and rumors will start picking up tomorrow.
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