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Eyes At The Draft Day 2

by Jonathan Wall / Vancouver Canucks
Canucks Manager of Scouting and Player Information, Jonathan Wall’s in Columbus preparing for the 2007 NHL Entry Draft.

Amongst the craziness of the event, he’s kindly agreed to share a few thoughts and show us a little bit about what it’s like in the life of a scout during the week.

Day two – Monday (Part 2):

Things have been busy the last couple of days, so I apologize for not updating after lunch on Monday.

After lunch, we basically started from position number one on our list from May and started to work our way down from there. We looked at each player and the players around him, and re-voted each player into their proper place on the list. This was a long process, but at the end, we all felt very comfortable with the way our list looked.

We went until about 9:00 Monday night, and then packed up and went for a quick dinner.

Day three – Tuesday:

We continued with the process of going through pick by pick to further refine our list in the morning. We basically spent the entire day looking at the list, so I am not going to bore you with the details of that.

While we were looking at our list, we also spent time setting up some additional interviews for the next couple of days. We have 17 interviews set up from now until Friday morning. We are interviewing players for a variety of reasons.

Some interviews are with players that were not at the combine in Toronto. Some are follow-up interviews to allow other members of our staff to meet players and get a feel for them.

Another group of interviews is with players that we felt we did not get a good read on at the combine due to language issues. Our Russian speaking scout; Sergei Chibisov is fluent in both languages, and it is a huge asset for him to speak to a number of Russian players to give us a more accurate translation. The last couple of players we are seeing have injuries that we want to speak with them about before the draft.

As of this moment, we are picking 25th in the first round, but as scouts, we are prepared to make any pick in the Draft. We never know what can happen, so we want to be ready for any eventuality.

It is interesting when speaking with agents to try to read through what they are telling us. For example, I would call an agent and ask to set up an interview, and the agent would ask if we are going to move up in the Draft as the teams that are showing a lot of interest in their player are picking much higher than us. It is almost funny how they try to sell their players, but also interesting to try to read between the lines to see if there is any information that we can use to gain insight into what other teams might do.

That’s about all we have for Tuesday, things are just starting to get interesting, and with the majority of teams arriving today, we will start to hear more rumors, and really get into the spirit of the week as we move towards Friday.

It wasn’t much of a photo-op day but here are some from last year’s draft back in Vancouver.
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