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Ewanuick: Little Fellas Unite

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Listen up Coach V: create a Little Fellas Line with Rypien and Wellwood. It would benefit us all.

I was at the Canucks vs. Thrashers game, and the Canucks played great. Came out like gangbusters, and for the first time in a while, dominated in the second period.

The Canucks played with an edge. They were tough to play against, and got the Thrashers hearing footsteps. That’s the kinda play that really gets the fans fired up. And we were. Although the "Wooh!" was giving me flashbacks of bush parties in Maple Ridge. It was like watching the game with 18,000 Rick Flairs.

The thing that jumped out at me most was Rick Rypien. We’ve needed a guy like this for a while. Watching him play is so fun. He’s just a little fella, but, pound for pound he may be the toughest guy in the league, and on top of that, he can skate. Really well. I know, this isn’t news, everyone’s know this for a long time. But it really sunk in for me during that game.

The fight he had against the Thrashers Boris Valabik was old timey. Jersey over the head, filling the bucket, a thing of beauty. And something got me laughing. It was the look on Valabik’s face about a third of the way though that fight. It was the same look Apollo Creed had on his face after taking the first punch from Ivan Drago in Rocky 4. The look that says “What the "goose" have I got myself into!?”

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Fred Ewanuick gets paid to pretend for a living, and has never played professional hockey.

The kid's a giant killer. It was like watching me (I’m a meager 5’9’’ 150 lbs, on a good day) take on Hulk Hogan for "goose" sakes! Rypien would win that fight, where as I would be a puddle on the floor. (That's two old time wrestling references, and two uses of the word "goose", in case you're counting).

That fight could be a turning point for the Canucks, like Burrows goal last season that ended that horrible slump. If that doesn’t help spur on a good run here, something’s wrong.

The only thing that sucked about that night for me was that Kyle Wellwood was out of the line up. He’ll probably have a heck of a time staying in if the third line keeps up the play they showed in that game. I know, he’s been unproductive. He’s not the toughest guy on the ice; I may even be able to take him. (Okay maybe not, but give me something, I just lost an imaginary fight to Hulk Hogan).

But I am big Wellwood fan. I’ve never met the guy, I can’t speak for his character, but he’s so skilled, so shifty with the puck, and being a little fella myself, you always wanna see the other little fellas do well. And his play in the playoffs last season was fantastic.

But, where does he fit in? I don’t know.

Maybe he could play on a line with Rypien. It could be like the old days when you had a tough guy play along side your skilled guy. Gave them more room to dipsy doo. Like Gretzky and Seminko, Gino and Pavel, or Simon and Garfunkel. Maybe ice time with the tough guy is all Wellwood needs to move on to the 50 goal club. The Little Fella line.

Little fellas from coast to coast would be inspired to do great things. Stand up for themselves, not always looking to the big fellas for protection. We’d have lunch money for a change. We might even over come some of our fears. Fears like small yappy dogs, or, writting colomns for websites, even though we’re nowhere near qualified to do so. Society would benefit. The little fellas would finally start pulling their weight. Which shouldn’t be too hard really.

C’mon Coach V, give it a shot. It’s in your hands. The Little Fella Line could help inspire a nation. Please, Help little fellas, help Canada.

Then again, what am I talking about, I pretend for a living. But I do know this, perogies taste better fried, and it would be a great thing to have a line of little fellas, that led the league in both goals and fights.

Go Canucks Go!

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