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Erin Hamhuis blog: Day 2

by Erin Hamhuis / Vancouver Canucks

What do you get when you combine the Vancouver Canucks with five sisters, 11 brothers and two brother-in-laws? A siblings road trip! In total 18 guests are traveling with the Canucks to Dallas and Phoenix this week on the Siblings Trip and is fortunate to have Erin Hamhuis, sister of Dan Hamhuis, as a guest blogger for the adventure.

Hello again! Sorry today’s blog is late, we didn’t get to Phoenix until 2:30 a.m. That obviously meant I was sleeping in this morning – what can I say, a girl needs her beauty rest.

After I checked in yesterday, the siblings and I were supposed to go for a tour of the JFK museum and for a tour of the city of Dallas, but that was cancelled due to the inch and a half of ice on all the roads. So most of the girls headed to the mall and we managed to drag a few boys along like Darnell Glass and Marty Bieksa. It was a lot of fun, but not as much fun as Vancouver’s win over Dallas.

A funny/awkward moment took place before we even left for the game when we all got on the siblings bus except for…no, I can’t say who…let’s just say that a sibling overslept and missed the bus for the game. I promised the sleepyhead in question that I wouldn’t reveal their identity…it wasn’t me though.

My moment of shame came much later in the day. Before the game started when all the siblings were in the suite at the American Airlines Center, Peter Sedin and Henrik Hoffman (brother-in-law of the twins) organized a contest where everyone would guess the final score of the game and if someone had the same score as you, the tiebreaker was total shots. Out of the 18 siblings, 17 picked Vancouver to win and one sibling went with Dallas. Let me tell you, that sibling has not heard the end of this. Her initials might be EH…yes, that’s me.

In my defence, with everyone else taking Vancouver, I had a 50% chance of winning! I was playing the odds! That was my reasoning behind it, but no one seems to care, I have not heard the end of it from the siblings or the players, Manny Malhotra has been calling me a traitor and I’ve been told greed got the best of me; I feel sorry for my brother because I know he’s getting bugged too.

I think there will be another bet tonight and I haven’t made my decision yet as to what I’m going to do. We’ll see.

Brianne Volpatti ended up taking the $85 pot, Steve Alberts also guessed 4-1 so it came down to shots and Brianne had picked 54, which is her brother’s number, and shots ended up at 52, so she won. Steve thought that because he got the score right, he should get a cut of the pot, so Brianne gave him $5 Canadian – Steve’s American so he didn’t think that was too cool. Our blue $5 bill has hockey players on it so I don’t blame Americans for thinking that it’s Monopoly money.

One more story for you before I head off for the game. We got on the plane last night and I was amazed again at all the food, that’s when the flight attendant told me “this is the NHL – the Never Hungry League.” And it’s true. We have snacks and then we have dinner and it’s just never ending.

Anyways, Dan and I had Chinese food for supper and we each got a fortune cookie with dinner. The fortune inside was unique in that there was a fortune on one side and on the other side was your lucky word. Dan cracked his cookie open and his lucky word was SISTER and I thought, man, these Canucks are so thoughtful, they even got us brother and sister fortune cookies! Then I opened mine and my lucky word was NECK. So it wasn’t as special as I thought that Dan got SISTER, it was just a coincidence. A fun coincidence either way!

That’s all for me tonight, I’m off to cheer on the Canucks…or the Coyotes! Juuust joking…I think.


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