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Erin Hamhuis blog: Day 1

by Erin Hamhuis / Vancouver Canucks

What do you get when you combine the Vancouver Canucks with five sisters, 11 brothers and two brother-in-laws? A siblings road trip! In total 18 guests are traveling with the Canucks to Dallas and Phoenix this week on the Siblings Trip and is fortunate to have Erin Hamhuis, sister of Dan Hamhuis, as a guest blogger for the adventure.

I’ve never really blogged before, but I’ve never been on a road trip with the Vancouver Canucks either, so it only makes sense to start now.

I’m Erin Hamhuis, Dan Hamhuis’ younger sister, and I’m lucky enough to be on the road with the Canucks right now for the siblings’ trip! Dan first brought this up I think in November, he called and asked if I could get time off from the Credit Union I work at in Smithers, BC, and there was no question, I was very excited and said of course I’d come.

As the trip got closer and closer I actually got pretty nervous, for one because I heard the Canucks ended up only having brothers on the trip and I thought I was going to be the only sister, but as soon as I got on the plane I saw a bunch of other sisters and felt much better. It’s myself, Catherine Burrows and Katrin Ehrhoff, (I’m not sure, I think both of them are married, but that’s what we call them) and Jessie Anthony (Ballard’s sister) and Brianne Volpatti – a German, an American, a Frenchmen and two Canadians, which is kind of cool.

It’s funny, talking to the other girls, a lot of them were worried about what to pack for the trip and it turns out I got lucky that way. When we were at practice yesterday, someone asked about what the plan was for the rest of the day, so I pulled out my itinerary and told them and nobody had any idea what I was talking about. Apparently my brother was the only one who had sent on the trip itinerary, so I got a heads up because on there it told us what we should be wearing and that made packing easy.

I’m not surprised at all that Dan sent me the itinerary, he’s very thoughtful and has always been good at stuff like that. He has always been a really nice brother, just a normal guy, really low key and he moved away when he was young, but we always kept in touch because it’s easy to get along with him. We’ve always seen him a lot too because he’s been in Smithers when he’s not playing hockey. Basically we just have a regular relationship, we’re just like any other brothers and sisters out there, except I got to come on a trip with the Canucks, which not every sibling gets to do.

Speaking of which, Dan had a tough decision to make on who to bring on this trip as we have a younger sister, Cindy, so he had to choose between us two. Dan tossed about it for a little bit, but I like to think he picked the favourite, but he tells everybody it’s just because I’m the oldest. We told her she’d get her turn, if the rotation goes as it’s been going, she’ll wait her six years then it might be her turn!

Anyways, after we got to Dallas Monday afternoon, we went to practice with the team and that’s where we kind of met everybody. The team gave us all jerseys with our brother’s name on the back, which was nice, and then we went to the hotel, got settled, had a team plus siblings picture and then the team took us out for dinner to a really really nice steakhouse. We sat at the table and just goofed around and enjoyed our meal and it was really nice. It was very comfortable too and it was really nice of the Canucks to take care of us the way they did; it was pretty special.

So far everybody has been really friendly, I’ve met everyone and I could probably remember all their names if I had to; it’s been really close and comfortable, I was afraid of how we would all fit in and get along, but it’s been no problem at all, we’re all in the same boat, all really excited to be here, so it makes it easy.

We aren’t the only ones excited though, I knew all the siblings would be excited to be here, but it’s great to see how excited all the brothers that play on the team are. They’re glad that we’re here and they’re all been very welcoming so far.

That’s all for now, I’m not sure what we’re doing today, I think our original plans got cancelled because of the weather in Dallas, so I’m not sure what’s going on until the game tonight.


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