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Dessert comes first

by Ronil Desai / Vancouver Canucks

Would you like to see the dessert menu? Skip dinner and be prepared to indulge in a variety of choices that will surely satisfy your sweet tooth.

A concoction of baking and hockey may sound unusual but Reema Patel, a 25 year old teacher from downtown Kamloops makes it the standard and adds to the bakers dozen by combining her passions for baking and the Canucks to produce an assortment of mouth-watering dishes.

Reema and like minded Kamloops fans still find ways of expressing their passion for the team despite the distance. Her latest creations prove exactly that and the baking specialist has recently made a name for herself in the Kamloops community for spreading her passion for the Canucks in various fashions, the most successful of course being her talent for baking.

“We always associate cakes with a celebration and watching the Canucks win a game is like a celebration so why not rejoice with Canuck themed cakes,” said Reema. “Now that the post-season has finally arrived, I will be making a wide variety of baked goods for when we host playoff events with family and friends.”

Reema is entering her third year as a teacher and works at a preschool and childcare facility. She often bakes treats for the kids during special occasions and has started to showcase her Canuckized cakes elsewhere in preparation for the post-season.

“I often take cupcakes to my work to share with the staff. At first they get mad at me because they all try and eat healthy, but it doesn’t take them long to dive right in. I have also featured my baking at residential open houses and have received great response from the community.”

If volunteerism is a measure of passion, then Reema Patel knows no limits. She voluntarily bakes for a number of different reasons, ranging from a desire to learn new skills, to spread her art and make a difference.

“I have been baking for years even back when I was in elementary school. I would collect new recipes from magazines and try them out on my family and friends. They say food is the way to someone’s heart and I’m sure something sweet is even better.”

The mouth-watering smells, the delicately decorated goodies, the scrumptious tastes- there's nothing quite like fresh-baked desserts and sky’s the limit in terms when the young baker was asked if she had any aspiration of opening her own bakery.

“At this moment, I’m focusing on my career and bake as a passion in my free time but opening a company would be great. For now, I want to perfect my recipes and broaden my decorating techniques.”

A true baker will never reveal the trick of the trade but it’s still possible to get a taste as Reema plans to strap on the oven mitts and spare a little sugar on the teaspoon in the near future.

“The boys are fighting through a real tough series and fans are always eager to get into the spirit and support the team in any way even if it means adding a few extra pounds. I would love to produce an assortment of pastries throughout the post-season and if all goes well; my plan is to make a multi-layered Stanley Cup cake.”

By the sounds of it, Canuck fans in Kamloops will be ensuring they have a few sets of cutlery and side dishes in close proximity while watching the Canucks in action.

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