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Demko checks in - Vol. IV

by Thatcher Demko / Vancouver Canucks
Sorry for the late blog, I was honestly too tired to think last night.

Our Wednesday began with a climb up the grouse grind, I was in a group with Gaunce, Tryamkin, Valk and Martin. For those of you who haven’t braved the grind, there’s not a lot of words to describe it, everyone beforehand is telling you what to expect, but I thought people who had been up there were just being babies about it.

To be honest, I kind of underestimated the whole thing because around 20 minutes in I was just begging to turn around and go back. That’s where the team building comes in; guys are all going up together and really pushing you to keep going.

Was it worth it at the top? For sure. It was an unbelievable view and we were lucky enough to see some grizzly bears, an eagle and an owl.

The afternoon was fairly relaxed, at least for me it was because I fell asleep during our yoga session. The instructor was nice enough to let me take a little nap, I woke up right at the end, although I didn’t feel refreshed at all. It’s been a long week, not even a nap could save me.

Around 4 o’clock we headed over to Dirty Apron restaurant for a cooking lesson, which was pretty sweet. We were again split up into groups, I was with Gaunce, Tryamkin, Valk, Martin, Subban and Whistle. We made a pasta ratatouille dish, so we dubbed ourselves Team Ratatouille.

I learned how to make noodles from scratch, I had a lot of help, but I was ripping them out pretty good and chef was happy with my work. It was a fun experience overall, it was cool to make it and then eat it, I felt proud in our dish, so I didn’t even eat anyone else’s dishes, just our pasta. We came in last place in the judging, but whatever!

Every guy has a different job on our team and if one guy didn’t do his job well, then the dish wouldn’t have been complete. It definitely translates into how hockey is played, even though it’s cooking. Teamwork is teamwork.

Talk soon,

Chef Thatch, the grouse grind survivor

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