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Demko checks in - Vol. III

by Thatcher Demko / Vancouver Canucks
Forgive me if this blog isn’t as good as the others, I’m still trying to catch my breath after skating the last two days.

Monday and Tuesday were all about hitting the ice and the weight room; we spent equal time in both, at least two hours, maybe three, it’s all a beautiful blur.

I’ve been working with Dan Cloutier on ice and that’s been really eye opening for me. I was a fan of his growing up, he’s been around the game for a while and had a great career, so just having his perspective on what I need to work on is awesome. He said working on my post-play and making sure I’m sealing that off, just a lot of puck handling stuff too. A big thing for him is making sure I’m on the same page as the defencemen so there’s no miscommunications.

The ice sessions have been tiring, mainly because I’ve only been on the ice maybe seven times since my season ended. Finding ice back home in San Diego isn’t as easy as it is here – trust me, I know. But I think the rust is off, having to stop Bo Horvat’s shots has helped. He’s got a great shot, Jared McCann doesn’t, so you know. I close my eyes a lot of the time ;)

I was asked today if any skaters have stood out to me and it’s tough when I’m on the ice to notice, they’re all really great, but watching from the stands I can say Hunter Shinkaruk has skills. He has good hands and good speed and I can see why he’s a top prospect for sure. He brings a lot to the table.

We’re back on the ice Thursday and Friday, but Wednesday will be awesome. We’re doing the grouse grind in the morning then taking part in a cooking lesson in the afternoon.

I can’t tell you much about the grouse grind, only what I’ve heard: it’s pretty tough. But the thing about the grouse grind is that it’ll be tough, but when you’re with everyone all suffering together, it’s not too bad, you’re just having conversations while you climb the mountain. I hope at least – honestly, I don’t know what I’m talking about. Have any tips for me?

I’ll survive the grind one way or another, but the cooking class, I’m definitely going to fail that. I can make cereal, I’ve made mac ‘n’ cheese a couple of times, I’m real good at buttering toast, I’ve got the wrist action down, and I’ve made cookies before. That’s it. I’m definitely failing. I’ll let those guys cook, then I’ll eat it.

Next time you hear from me I’ll be a grouse grind veteran and a chef! Haha


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