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Demko checks in - Vol. II

by Thatcher Demko / Vancouver Canucks
Row, row, row your boat.

On Sunday we had the opportunity to do some white water rafting and wow, what a thrill that was.

It was scary going in, real scary, and that’s coming from a guy who has done it before, I went once in Boise, Idaho. I blame the guide. The guide who picked us up in the shuttles was telling us a bunch of things that could happen and that 18-hours earlier the water was actually iced over. We all got pretty nervous hearing that and probably got into our own heads thinking about the process and everything, but once we go in the water, it was just a blast. Guys were begging for more at the end.

I was in a boat with Fox, Liberati, Cederholm, Forsling and Zalewski and we really bonded because you have to act as one unit on the boat; you have to row the boat in the right direction, you have to be on the right page and pace with each other. We made for a good team and when the rapids were calm we’d have boat battles with the other guys.

I’d have to say Dane Fox was the bravest, Foxy was real aggressive out there. He even put his feet over the edge of the boat and sat on the nose, when it would dip down he was just taking water to the face and loving it and the water was freezing, but he was just embracing everything.

The cold water doesn’t affect you after a while, we all got out and swam around in the water at one point or another. Thank goodness for the wet suits!

On Monday we hit the ice and will spend time in the gym, so it was nice getting to know most of the guys before all that. The goal was for us to bond and I really think we did.

Talk to you tomorrow!


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