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Dear Jason Garrison

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
Emily couldn’t have been more excited.

The night before the Vancouver Canucks played the Ducks in Anaheim on November 10th, the adorable eight-year-old adorably laid out her adorable outfit for the game.

Yes, Emily was excited to say the least for her first NHL game.

Canucks jersey – check.

Canucks tuque – check.

Black ruffled tutu – check.

Canucks leggings – check.

Soooo much energy – check, check, check!!!

Emily was dressed early, wanted to leave early and be at the game early and that’s exactly what happened, landing Emily and family a spot right up against the glass in the Canucks end for warm-up.

As Ryan Kesler skated by, she banged the glass in excitement. Then, taking a break from warm-up, Jason Garrison spotted the little Canucks fan, grabbed a puck and tossed it over the glass to her.

This day couldn’t get any better – wait, she didn’t catch the puck?

“It was scooped up by faster hands,” said her dad Trevor. “Every once in a while an act of kindness really leaves a mark on you though and in this case sets the hook for the next generation of Canucks fans. While Emily was devastated at not getting the puck from Mr. Garrison, she is now one of his biggest supporters!”

The next day, Emily took it upon herself to write the following letter to Garrison.

To recap: Emily is priceless and kids say the darndest things.

Upon hearing about Emily’s puck heartbreak, Garrison was quick to remedy the situation with a little message and a big surprise for his newest fan.

Emily’s surprise should arrive this week and you’re welcome mom and dad, holiday shopping just got a lot easier. Emily wants, nay, needs a Garrison jersey!

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