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Day two - New place, familiar face

by Darren Archibald / Vancouver Canucks

It was good to get day one out of the way – both camp and my blog – and jump right into today feeling a lot more comfortable.

Yesterday was a pretty short day with just some on-ice skating analysis with Ryan Lounsbury, who I’ve actually been working with for the past two months so I’m very familiar with what he does and who he is. I’ve noticed a difference in my skating since I’ve started working with him towards the end of the season and I felt really good out there in the last couple of days too.

We were kind of joking out there and he said to me that my skating looked good out there and I said, “I hope so because I’ve been doing this twice a week for the past two months so if I’m not, something’s wrong”. I also told him that I was going to blame it on him if the coaches said something to me – just joking, mostly.

We did a workout session this morning, which consisted of some very intense bike rides. Roger is very serious about what we’re doing here this week and he isn’t taking it easy on us at all just because it’s summer. You’ve got to be in shape to play in the NHL and the gym’s a huge aspect of that so it is a good thing that he pushes us.

After that, we had lunch with the staff and it definitely opened my eyes to see how many people are working for the organization full-time so kudos to them for all the work they put in. The food was good and I met a couple of people from the HR department. We talked briefly about what goes on in their department and apparently, right now is their busy time, where they’re looking to recruit new staff during the offseason to prepare for the next season.

To stray away from camp and hockey a bit, I talked about Vancouver and how great of a city it was yesterday, I want to give some love back to my hometown of Newmarket in Ontario. I think it’s starting to grow into a small city now instead of the small town that everyone else sees it as. I’ve grown up there my whole life and it’s a very friendly town – but quiet. It’s a nice place to call home but to be honest, there’s not a ton happening there.

We have a fair there once a year and the circus also stops by but that might be it – nothing too crazy, just a perfect place to call home. Jim Carrey and John Candy were from there so maybe it’s a funny guy town. As for me, I think I can be a little comedic once you get me going but not sure I can compare myself to guys of that caliber.

Got any questions? I would love to hear from you. Send me your thoughts.

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