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Day six - Three on three

by Darren Archibald / Vancouver Canucks

It was the three on three tournament at UBC today and it was a battle out there. I was teamed up with Sebastian Erixon and Cody Kunyk. I think we did well – overall, we were 2-2 for the day so that’s not bad. We came out firing and won our first game 1-0 and won our last game but we had some unlucky bounces in games two (against Westerholm Twins and Marc Zanetti) and three (against Niklas Jensen, Alexandre Grenier, and Joey LaLeggia) so we lost in those two. I did score a couple times so I’m pretty happy with that too.

I think our team came together really quickly considering we just got put into teams this morning. We moved the puck pretty well but if it wasn't for the unlucky bounces, I think the result could’ve been a bit different. The tournament was a lot of fun and it’s good to see everyone in their element and compete.

Zanetti’s team was looking really good and they were moving the puck really well. I’m not sure how they didn’t make it to the finals. Zanetti was a character out there though – you knew every time he’d score or his team did something well because he was celebrating and screaming every time.

On our side, Team Jensen advanced to the final gam but I didn’t get to see any of the teams on the other side but apparently Friesen’s team went 4-0 in the round robin so they were the final team on that side. I guess they didn’t play their A-game in the finals though because they didn’t get a goal and Team Jensen took the tournament. It was pretty fast paced and I was impressed with the game.

Fans are always curious about our jersey numbers but unfortunately, at camp, there isn’t really a story to the numbers here. We don’t pick our numbers here – we walked in Tuesday and pretty much just had that number waiting for us. I’m 49 at camp this week.

If I did get to choose my own number, it would be 25. I originally chose 25 because my cousin, Danny Harrison wore that number when he was playing. I remember I used to watch him play when I was a kid so that just stuck with me.

We’re off to do another team-bonding activity today and visit the local pitch and putt. I don’t have the opportunity get out and golf often but I think I’m pretty good. I would have to say that my mini-putt skills are pretty stellar. We’ll see what the outcome ends up being later this afternoon.

Luckily, today is a pretty relaxed day because we have to prepare for the Famous Grouse Grind tomorrow. Everyone’s been pretty quiet about it and I don’t think anyone’s excited to do it but I actually am kind of excited for it.

We already know we’re going up in teams and who are teammates are but there hasn’t been any strategy or planning into it. I’m sure we’ll have a brief meeting tomorrow about it. Every group is sent up with a mini Stanley Cup and as you pass groups, you’re supposed to steal those so I think the goal is to collect the most Cups.

I’m thinking if we stay at a steady pace, we’ll be okay. If someone is coming up behind us, we can pass the Cup up to the fastest guy and get a sprint going to protect the Cup so the group behind can’t catch up. But that’s just me – we’ll see what happens.

Wish me luck.

Got any questions? I would love to hear from you. Send me your thoughts.

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