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Day 3 - The Archiblog

by Darren Archibald / Vancouver Canucks

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this blogging thing – my friends have even been commenting on the "Archiblog" and I’ve had no bad feedback yet so that’s always a good thing.

Steven Anthony was last year’s blogger and I keep being told that he did a really good job but I think I can top him. He hasn’t said anything to me yet but it’s probably because I’m bigger than him and he’s a little intimidated.

While I’m on the topic of feedback, I’ve been getting lots of questions about my Twitter account, which is real. A couple of guys on my junior club last year started on Twitter and I guess I just followed suit. I wasn’t really into it much at first but I think I started to tweet more in the past little bit and it’s been fun.

I like being able keep the fans up to date on what’s going on and a little behind the scenes action as well. My following count has been booming in the last couple of days – it’s kind of amazing to see it grow the way it has. I follow VanCanucks but I’ve been waiting for a shout out – you’d think being the blogger would get me some love, we’ll see.

Those following me on Twitter may have noticed my new distraction – Jeopardy. Some of the guys and I have been watching it this week. It’s kids week so the questions are quite a bit easier but it’s fun because we know mostly all the answers. I think Alex Friesen has been performing the best so far and Jeremy Price is definitely slacking (being the college kid, we all thought he’d be the best).

Adam Polasek’s my roommate this week but actually he’s been my roommate when we were in Manitoba and when we were here a couple months ago as well. I’ve gotten to know him pretty well through that and he’s been a great roommate. I think he’s still a little jet-lagged from the plane ride over so he’s a little quiet around the rink but in the room, you can’t him to keep his mouth shut sometimes.

Today, we met with the media. Vancouver’s media is a little different than what I’m used to considering the largest scrum I’ve been in consisted of three people. I saw Niklas Jensen’s scrum today and it was very crowded. I’ve got no problem with the media, in fact, I really enjoy it and I don’t find them intimidating at all. I think that as long as you get my good side – the left side – I’m okay with anything.

After that, we are going outside to do some dragon boating. I know it’s a big canoe boat kind of thing but that’s about it. Other than that, it’ll be a whole new experience for me. I kayak quite a bit in the summer at my billet’s cottage up in Parry Sound so I’m very comfortable on the water. I’m not going to give any names but I’ve been called the next Michael Phelps – or something like that.

I’ll go give that try and let you all know how that went tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Got any questions? I would love to hear from you. Send me your thoughts.

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