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Darcy Hordichuk's Media Blitz

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

With a busy hockey schedule, staying on top of the television schedule is low on the priority list and often means missing a much of the must-see-tv. Thanks to modern technology, hockey players (and everyone else on a hectic schedule) can record their favourites and watch it when time permits.

“Last TV show I PVR’d was America’s Most Wanted. I enjoy watching that but me and my wife are getting into Dancing with the Stars. We’re cheering for Chuck Liddell.”

Hordichuk grew up admiring police officers and as an adult got to fulfill some of those childhood daydreams.

“Anything to do with policework I enjoy. It’s the not knowing what’s going to happen out there and the adrenaline rush and being part of the action or even when you just watch it.”

“I’ve been fortunate to have the chance to go out on the street and see what it’s like in the day in the life of a cop.”

On the completely different end of the spectrum, Hordichuk and his wife, Lisa, are following the Dancing with the Stars series, where they’re following the progress of friend, Chuck Liddell.

“He’s doing alright, I think he could use as many votes as people are willing to give him but there are some good competitors there. It’s always fun to see people go from the beginning of the show to the end and see how much they’ve improved.”

“I think he can make top 5, he’s such an entertainer - not so much a dancer, he’s more of an entertainer, which I think fans will appreciate.”

Liddell hasn’t landed in the bottom yet and with the endorsement from Hordichuk, hopefully he won’t be leaving the show for a while.


Most hockey players haven’t admitted to having a cell phone ring tone beyond the usual tone that the phone comes with and Hordichuk is no different.

“I haven’t put anything fancy on it, just whatever the tone is but that might change.”

However, he did divulge that just because he’s on a regular tone now, that hasn’t always been the case.

“I did it once when I was trying to download a song and it became my ringer. It was Sting, Fields of Gold. People gave it to me for a while because I couldn’t get it off and every time someone would call, they would hear Sting singing.”

That’s probably why players don’t normally say that they have an unusual ringtone, even if they do but I guess we’ll never really know the truth.

In case you didn’t know, Darcy Hordichuk’s kind of a big deal and just to prove it, ask him who he has in his cell phone address book.

“Most famous person would have to be... I’ve got some ties to Obama through some family friends but he’s a tough guy to get a hold of.”

Now that's famous.


Hordichuk is without a doubt one of the biggest characters in the room and his musical choices are just as eclectic.

He concedes to liking all types of music and doesn’t have any one genre preference - something that’s evident in some of the concerts he’s attended.

“Bruce Springsteen was one of my all-time favourites. Rascal Flatts is another one that’s really good and even AD/DC - for some guys that are in their 60s, they play a pretty good show.”

Having spent three years in the home of country music, of course, he came away with some appreciation of the music.

Besides being a fan of Rascal Flatts, Hordichuk got a chance to meet the guys.

“A couple of them would come to hockey games, when we’re in Nashville anyway. They seem like a good group of guys, I got to meet a couple of them at charity events and they’re a lot of fun.”

Rascal Flatts will be in town later this month and with the team in town during that time, maybe you’ll run into Hordichuk while dancing to My Wish, Here Comes Goodbye, and Summer Nights.

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