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Catching up with Rodin & Andersson

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Catching up with Canucks prospects Anton Rodin and Peter Andersson

Of all of the prospects currently in the Vancouver Canucks system, Anton Rodin and Peter Andersson remain two of the most mysterious.

We’ve tried to crack them open to find out what makes them tick (A Long Way from Home), but their lack of English and our lack of Swedish has proved too high a wall to climb. That, and when it’s day time in Canada, Rodin and Andersson are fast asleep.

All hopes for an update on how both players are fairing this season seemed lost until Jared Butterley, who some of you know as canuckster19 on the Canucks message boards, stepped up to the plate.

Butterley, currently living in Goteborg, Sweden, recently landed an exclusive one-on-one with Rodin and Andersson. Rodin is currently playing for Brynäs IF, a professional team from Gävle, and he has one goal in 18 games, while Andersson has no points in 11 games as a member of the Frölunda Indians, a pro team in Gothenburg.

Jared Butterley - Did you enjoy training camp in Vancouver?

Anton Rodin – Yeah it was good to see all the prospects and just to do some learning and to see how well trained they are.

Peter Andersson – It’s a good camp, we learned much about how they’re playing in North America and the Canadian style of the game.

Did you enjoy any particular Canadian player, perhaps Cody Hodgson or Yann Sauve…?

AR – I liked Jordan Schroeder. He’s very skilled and that’s something I value.

PA – I liked Cody Hodgson. He’s a very good player, good with the puck and he works hard everyday.

What impressed you most about the city of Vancouver?

AR – It’s a beautiful city with all the mountains and the beaches, it looks like Sweden.

You were both drafted by Vancouver, did you know you’d go to the Canucks beforehand or did that come as a surprise?

AR – You never know who you’re going to be drafted to so it was a surprise for me, but I had a good feeling from Vancouver.

PA – It was a surprise for me too. Going into the draft I wasn’t sure where I’d go.

Did you have any contact with the Canucks beforehand?

AR – Yeah, I talked to Inge Hammarstrom.

PA – Me too.

How do you feel your seasons are going and what do you need to improve on next to get to the next level?

AR – It’s been upside down for me, I didn’t have much ice time at the beginning but now it’s coming and hopefully the goals will too. I’m on the ice to score and play intense and I have to work on everything and especially my strength I think.

PA – It was a good start for me, I began playing in Boras and now I play here in Frolanda until Christmas, then I go back to Boras.

How much contact do you have with the Canucks training staff and do they provide you with tips or advice on how to improve your game?

AR – I usually talk to Inge Hammarstrom because he lives almost where I live and I have also talked to Dave Gagner a few times too.

PA – Dave Gagner has sent me some emails.

Have the Canucks given you any indication on when you might play in North America with the Canucks or maybe with their farm team, the Manitoba Moose?

AR – I’m taking it one year at a time. I have one year at Brynäs so I’ll finish this season and then I’ll see what I do.

PA – Yeah, me too.

Have you given any consideration to playing in the Canadian junior leagues, like fellow Swede Alex Edler has done. He has risen quite quickly because of this.

AR – I think I’m too old to play in the Canadian junior leagues. I was born in 1990, so I’m 19.

PA – I’m a ’91.

So you’re still eligible to play there next season…

PA – I don’t know if I’d play there next season, I’ll take one year at a time.

Before being drafted by Vancouver, did you follow the NHL and perhaps know anything about the Canucks or did you follow any other team?

PA – I would follow the NHL through the highlights or something.

AR – I’ve maybe seen a few games, but it’s the middle of the night here in Sweden. I’ve seen the Canucks play a few times, I like the Sedin brothers. They’re very good and very skilled and I like the goalkeeper Luongo too.

PA – Yeah, me too.

Did you play any other sports in your adolescence or childhood and why did you choose to tackle hockey?

AR – I played soccer before, but I like the game of hockey, it’s intense and something is always happening.

PA – I played soccer too, but I was better in hockey so I took that.

Are there any pre-game superstitions you guys have?

AR – No, not really.

PA – Nope.

Which Swedish or NHL player did you idolize growing up?

AR – I liked Mats Sundin, he played in Vancouver last year, I like him.

PA – I like Nicklas Lidstrom on Detroit, he’s a good guy.

What’s your favourite personal memory playing hockey as a child?

AR – I have one good memory from last year when we won the league and got the gold medal, but I was not a child, that was only last year.

If you couldn’t play hockey, what other profession would you like to try?

AR – Some sport I think, maybe soccer or tennis.

PA – I think I’d be working in a gym.

Special thanks to Jared Butterley for squeezing a little more information out of two prized prospects.

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