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Caption This: A ladle smile

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
Ryan Kesler was just trying to get some lunch.

Sunday's Behind the Lens gallery, shot by Jeff Vinnick, featured the photo below of Kesler scooping up some kind of chunky soup during the Vancouver Canucks team lunch. I'm not sure what was so funny, but something clearly got to Kesler, who gave Vinnick a memorable smirk.

The caption I finally landed on was Just a ladle smile - he's holding a ladle, which rhymes with little, which his smile is - I dunno, I hope it made one of you out there laugh, even a barely audible tiny mouse laugh.

I think you can do better, in fact I KNOW you can do better. Leave your caption in a comment below and we'll have super intern Colin Hope choose his Top 10, which will be posted below in a day or two.

One rule - Keep it clean.

Caption Update

We asked for your captions and you delivered. Here, in no particular order, is intern Colin Hope's Top 10 List.

1. Kesler: What’s the Soup Du Jour? Burrows: It’s the Soup of the Day. Kesler: Mmmm. That sounds good, I’ll have that. (Jonathan Surman)

2. I soup-pose you can take a photo of me with my clothes on… (Kaiser Schwarz)

3. Is this “Krusty Brand Imitation Gruel”? (VanCityBuzz)


5. Blood, sweat and gooey soup. What champions are made of. (MGill_)

6. Surprisingly, there appears to be enough for 3rds, 4ths & even 5ths of this (vikingmama)

7. I’m having a soup-er day, thanks for asking. (RFordT)

8. Kes-bombing the soup. (Chad)

9. Seriously those guys behind me don’t have a clue that I just spiked the soup…just act natural, smile with me now… (Bobbi Klair)

10. My soup brings all the girls to the rink. (DroppingGloves)

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