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Canucks Social: Join the Conversation

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

In between Al Gore inventing the Internet and the debate amongst technology evangelists on what the Web 3.0 landscape will look like, we have Web 2.0, an era of online participation, collaboration, and social interaction.

From the dust of Friendster came Facebook, and from the explosion of blogs came Twitter, and pretty soon even grandma had a profile listing her favourite hobbies (crochet club anyone?).

We are living in a wireless, always-on world where checking your friend's status is a simple as turning on your iPhone, and you are never more than a tweet away from knowing what Britney Spears is thinking (answer: not much).

Always looking for new ways to connect with fans, the Vancouver Canucks have been a part of the social media sphere for a while now. @VanCanucks has 25,000 followers on Twitter, while the Canucks Facebook page has 150,000. Not too shabby.

For the playoffs, the Canucks were looking for new and interesting ways to help fans come together in support of their team. One of the drawbacks of having all the different social media platforms and accounts is just that – they are all somewhat separate beasts. Twitter has its own web platform and ways of doing things, and likewise for Facebook. But what if you want to follow the activity of the Canucks and their playoff run without having to visit multiple sites? What if you want to be able to sign-in once and have your post syndicate to both Twitter and Facebook with one click of the button? Enter Canucks Social.

How it works: Canucks Social is a page on that aggregates and lists all of the Facebook and Twitter posts from everyone out there who are talking about the Vancouver Canucks. Want to read just the official posts? No problem, you can filter what you see using buttons at the top of the page. Then you can join in the conversation by creating a new post, or responding to existing ones, directly from Canucks Social.

Q. What do you call 30 millionaires around a TV watching the Stanley Cup playoffs? A. The Vancouver Canucks - @CitizenSourpuss on Twitter

You have to login first, of course, as we don't want anonymous people spamming us (that means you, Kings fans), but there are four ways that you can login: 1. Using a Twitter account; 2. Using a Facebook account; 3. Using your Canucks Fan Zone account (as used on the message boards); or 4. If you don't have any of these accounts already you can create a profile in DEQQ, which is Canucks Social's own engine.

There are a couple of other great features about Canucks Social that make it such a great tool. Popular posts rise to the top of the page, just like on, so you can easily see which conversations are getting the most activity. You can also attach a picture, video, mp3 or document to your post. Responses to Twitter and Facebook posts are also grouped – just click on the comments link next to a post to view the entire thread or to post your own reply.

Vancouver Canuck Fans help curse Jonathan Quick (and fast) - Join the Voodoo Curse On Jonathan Quick - Guss Moose on Facebook

It's really something you have to use and play around with though to fully appreciate. Then you can go even a step further and download the Canucks Social Desktop App for your computer. The desktop app is built using Adobe AIR technology, and allows you to always be connected to Canucks Social – no browser required! It runs on your desktop and keeps you constantly up to date with the latest social commotion.

So welcome to the next step. Let's call it Web 2.1. Courtesy of your Vancouver Canucks. Thanks Mr. Gore for getting us started – we'll take it from here.

Go to the Canucks Social page.

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