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Canucks Report: Day 7

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
February 22, 2010


By Derek Jory,

As a journalist covering the Olympics, I feel a certain responsibility to take in a little of everything, especially the things that only I have access to.

In exploring the Main Press Centre Monday, an off day in men’s hockey, I stumbled upon a sign that rocked my work: Massage Services.

You’ll be pleased to hear I am a lot looser in the shoulders today, which will help me type faster and more accurate, meaning you get more goods on the game. It’s all about you.

My tireless journalistic endeavors, still being pursued for your benefit of course, led me and my crew to the Heineken House later in the day. What a party.

That place is truly something else, I’ve now been to a few pavilions and that is definitely the one to hit. Not sure how many people it holds, but everyone is there for a good time, the majority of them being Dutch.

They’ve got three big screens set up and music pumping and Heineken a-flowin. Let it flow, let it flow, let is flow.

I partook in a few zoopers, yet didn’t go overboard, it was for research after all.

It was after leaving the Heineken House that the night really took shape as my crew of seven discovered a fenced off area in the O-Zone reserved just for street hockey. And no one was using it.

We were on that rink, complete with sticks for 20 people, goalie equipment and real nets, for probably an hour with kids joining us throughout and fans cheering us on.

I was part of a Team Canada contingent led by Sidney Beersby, but in the end we were thwarted by the Czech Republic, backed by Kurt “Hasek” Jory in net. His knees are broken today.

Of course I scored, silly question. Like the sniper I am, I batted a high pass out of the air and into the net. I then retreated to defence because I wanted the kids to score some goals and apparently I have the lungs of a 90-year-old smoker.

It was one of those impromptu events that forms out of nowhere and really makes the night.

Thanks to whoever was in charge of setting that up. You understand what the people want.


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