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Canucks Report: Day 5

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
February 20, 2010

By Derek Jory,

Welcome to day five, it’s nice to have you along for this wild ride we call the Olympics.

I’ll admit that I’m slacking a bit today, the only games I’m keeping an eye on are Pavol Demitra and the Slovakians versus Latvia and Christian Ehrhoff and the Germans against Belarus.

After 12 games in four days, I’m heading out of the rink to enjoy some of the amazing Olympic atmosphere before things kick into high gear tomorrow for Rivalry Sunday.

I’ll do one recap of today’s events tonight but to tide you over until then I’ve put together a list of my Olympic observations through four days.

I hope you’re enjoying this as much as I am!



-No team has separated itself from the pack: Rivalry Sunday is going to be HUGE (I bolded, underlined and put that in italics, that's how huge it's going to be).

-Canada had a scare but so did Sweden, the defending champs, and the top ranked team here, Russia, lost.

-I love this Pavol Demitra.

-The Sedins couldn’t give better interviews if they tried. Such well-spoken, articulate gents they are.

-What’s up with Olli Jokinen’s trucker stash?

-Security is crazy getting into Canada Hockey Place. I love it. Being part of the in-crowd is weird. This must be what it would have felt like to be cool in high school.

-I think the Garbage Princess read my story. She is getting louder by the day.

-Every Canucks player was on the ice for the opening faceoff of their team’s first game. Very classy touch by every coach involved.

-Puck Daddy (right) from Yahoo! Sports is an awesome guy. He’s been sitting behind me in the press box.

-The Mixed Zone is kind of a rush now. It’s a challenge to get the quotes you want, which makes it really thrilling.

-I need to learn Czech, Russian, Latvian, Finnish, German, Norwegian, Swiss, Swedish, Slovanian and American in order to get the quotes I want.

-Seeing Jaromir Jagr score a vintage double-J breakaway goal at the Olympics will be a highlight of mine for a long, long time.

-Jagr should return to the NHL. Immediately.

-Zdeno Chara is the tallest man alive. Seriously. He’s like 12-feet tall.

-I will never, not ever, take what I do for granted. I’m in heaven.

-If a puck flew out of play and hit me in the face, I’d be alright with that. Having an Olympic scar might be cool. Plus, I’d keep working as blood covered my laptop and become famous on YouTube for being SO hardcore (or is that just weird?).

-The kiss cam becomes addicting after a while. Normally I don’t like seeing old fogies smooch, but when they’re peer pressured into it with boos, I’m full speed ahead.

-The song ‘I’ve Got a Feeling,’ no, not by The Beatles or Beck, the Black Eyes Peas version, is awesome. They play it leading into almost every hockey game and it fires me up more every time.

-Ryan Kesler will play a much bigger role for the Americans moving forward. He’s been a workhorse.

-Why do teams exchange flags before each game and what do they do with them afterward?

-Playing for your country means a lot. I knew that going into this, but seeing and hearing the emotion of the players after a win or loss has really made it real.

-I’m actually willing to name my first born Olympics if Canada wins gold.

-Christian Ehrhoff’s shot seems to be gaining strength and speed by the day.

-If Sami Salo’s shot gains any more strength or speed it’ll start killing people.

-Sami Salo signs autographs for himself.

-As a member of the media, I’m proud of how I’ve remained impartial to Canada's medal chances, because I want them to win gold.

-Canada will win gold.

-Bad Romance by Lady Gaga sounds terrible on the organ.

-Walking on Sunshine sounds amazing anytime. Best. Song. Ever.

-What’s with people wanting to be on camera behind reporters? I’m tired of seeing folks act a fool on CTV. Start an ant farm or something already.

-We haven’t seen the last of Roberto Luongo in goal for Team Canada.

-The Marc Denis working as the in-game host is THE Marc Denis, former first round draft pick of the Colorado Avalanche. Who knew?

-Sidney Crosby is the man. He lives to play hockey. I respect anyone who does anything with as much passion as he plays hockey.

-Make sure you’ve stocked the house for Rivalry Sunday. You’re going to need chips, beer, chips and beer.

-I love the Olympics!

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