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Canucks draft blog 2009

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

The 2009 NHL Entry Draft takes place June 26-27th this year in Montreal, where the newest group of young hockey players make their entry into the NHL system.



Kristin Reid

Jeff Paterson

Derek Jory

Mike Macri

Ryan Walter (from Twitter)

3:45 PST The first pick hasn't been made yet but the rumours have started already. Gillis says he's close to signing the Sedins and talks have started with Luongo so that's good news. Boards already going crazy that he's already signed...? Will Gillis move players to get a higher pick or will he stick with 22?
3:58 PST Good afternoon to everybody out there on the WWW. Great to be back with you and back on CDC. The NHL Draft is a special event each year for a couple of main reasons. First, particularly when it comes to the first round, it’s the only day of the year where all 30 teams (potentially) will feel like they’ve walked away a winner. Second, it marks the unofficial start of a new season. While only a handful of the names called to the podium today will have an immediate impact in 2009-10, there are plenty of teams that will be shaping the look of their team for next season during Draft day. There have been rumours the last couple of weeks that several marquee names may be on the move during the Draft and I do believe before the end of the night, we’ll have at least one trade that can be considered a blockbuster...
3:59 PST I'm as guilty as the next guy when it comes to buying into the many rumours floating out there in the days leading up to the NHL Draft. But for all the talk over the past 48 hours, there hasn't been a single trade made. Let's get this party started so we have something concrete to analyze. I'm saying NYI take Tavares with the first pick. Then again, it is the Isles...
4:02 PST According to a friend at TSN, Roberto Luongo is sitting at the Canucks draft table. Maybe the rumours of an extension are true.
4:02 PST Happy Draft Day everyone! We're minutes away from the New York Islanders officially being on the clock. There's been a lot of chatter about who the Islanders will take first overall, but my money is on John Tavares - unless Brian Burke somehow wrangled the pick away from Long Island!
4:04 PST TSN hot rumour, Pronger to the Flyers. They were supposed to be the team most interested in acquiring Bouwmeester's negotiating rights along with Vancouver. Does that open the door for Gillis? I hope this sets the precedent today. I'd love to see a busy day on the draft floor.
4:09 PST Plenty of buzz regarding the Isles going against the grain and taking Duchene first overall. Imagine...if they go that route, they would have had the chance to set themselves up with Hodgson and Tavares going forward, and instead go with Bailey and Duchene. Maybe Milbury wasn't the 'Mad' part of that organization, after all.
4:12 PST Still awaiting official confirmation on the Pronger deal to Philly but it seems like a perfect match. Pronger has a nasty edge to his game – perfect for the Flyers. He’s also a wealth of experience which should benefit some of the young, up-and-coming D-men the Flyers have in their system including the likes of Matt Carle, Braydon Coburn, Ryan Parent, and Luca Sbisa.
4:16 PST Pronger to Philly. Won't be too many Western Conference guys shedding a tear to see that guy head east. Like Luongo at the draft table if that's the case -- didn't Ovechkin make the Caps first pick last year? Hard to imagine Bobby Lou chillin' through 21 picks to announce the Canucks selection. Maybe Gillis promised him he'd only have to hang around until the 2nd pick!!!
4:18 PST John Tavares goes number one. Not so surprising since he's been slated go to number one for years now... Lightning must be very happy.
4:20 PST No real shock there, Tavares goes to the Islanders with the first overall pick. That is a solid pick and it'll help put fans back in the seats in New York. They are going nuts at Nassau Country Coliseum and for good reason, the Islanders finally have offence again.
4:21 PST Islanders manage not to screw it up...good for that franchise. On a side note, I look forward to hearing NHL executives butcher the French language for the rest of the afternoon. "Bon-joor!" 
4:22 PST After all the speculation, it is John Tavares for the Islanders and rightfully so. The Isles and their fans needed not just a great player, but a franchise saver. He’s no Crosby, but as far as this Draft goes he is the only one that has that type of aura (no disrespect to Hedman or Duchene). For the sake of the fans of Long Island, I hope Tavares is the key to finally getting the Lighthouse project to go through. No question we will see Tavares in the NHL next season.
4:23 PST I love the Oscar-style split screen before the pick. The NHL for the first time had a little mystery for first overall. But in all honesty, was it that much of a surprise? There's a reason that many fans packed into Nassau Coliseum and there's no need to give them a reason to start tearing the place down. He was the most recognizable and hyped name at the draft. I enjoy that Bettman has so much experience being booed that he leaves time for it in his speeches. Instead of 'pause for applause', its 'pause for jeers'.
4:29 PST Love the fact the Isles were able to keep the top pick secret until they got to the podium. Good on them. Maybe the best thing they've done in years!! As for Tampa taking Hedman, he's going to be a good one. They don't make 18-year-olds like that every day -- the kid's massive. Just wait 'til Lukas Krajicek takes him under his wing...
4:31 PST Back to the Pronger trade for a second; Lupul, Sbisa and two 1sts? The Flyers better lock him up long-term, or else that's a king's ransom for one year of service.
4:31 PST On to the next shocker: Victor Hedman to the Tampa Bay Lightning. I love the way this guy plays, he's a beast on the blueline and he's ready to go next season without question. The next question for Tampa is what they are going to do with Vincent Lecavalier? He was the top pick in 1998, but does he fit in with the way Tampa is moving? Also, what's with Montreal's phenomenal hospitality? Is everyone going to thank the city for being a city?
4:34 PST Again, no surprises here for the Lightning as they pick up Victor Hedman. One of the Lightning’s glaring weaknesses this past season was their defence and now, with Hedman, they have a young core of blueliners they can build around including 23-year old Andrej Meszaros, 22-year old Matt Lashoff, and 21-year old Ty Wishart. Hedman will be able to fit right into that lineup and play big minutes.

More on Pronger…that is a huge price on the part of the Flyers for a 34-year old. The deal essentially boils down to Pronger for Lupul (a first round pick himself of Anaheim back in 2002) and three first round picks (one of them being Sbisa who was their first round choice last year). Mighty big price to pay for someone who can walk away as a UFA after the 2009-10 season. The Flyers now join the Sharks as the only teams that don’t have a first round pick this Draft at this point.
4:36 PST Is Burkie telling the other GM"s he's mic'd up?!? I feel another controversy coming.

Yes, Bettman did just call Joffrey Lupul "Jeffrey". Pure Gold.
4:41 PST Colorado hasn't picked this high since becoming the Avalanche and they didn't disappoint taking Matt Duchene. Cody Hodgson told me earlier this week that this guy is the ultimate teammate and the ultimate player. Duchene going third overall means that after much deliberation, the top three went as expected. So much for drama - meh, who needs it.
4:42 PST They were teammates and best friends in Brampton, but the next time Cody Hodgson sees Matt Duchene on the ice, they’ll be bitter rivals as Duchene goes to divisional rivals Colorado Avalanche. Duchene’s been called a great skater with great playmaking ability – sound familiar to someone else in Colorado? I wouldn’t be surprised to see him in the NHL next year, especially if Joe Sakic chooses to return. I think the Avalanche organization would love to have Sakic mentor Duchene for a year at that level – something unlikely to happen if Duchene does not make his NHL debut until the 2010-11 season.
4:43 PST So far the biggest surprise of the night has been that family that got blind-folded, driven around town and returned to their own house for Pizza Hut pasta. I'm absolutley certain they thought they were in a 5-star restaurant(!) On other matters, the Avs can keep drafting talented forwards all they want -- at some point, they have to find someone to play defense and goal.
4:47 PST Atlanta GM Don Waddell is a classy guy. How nice of it was him to thank the Thrashers' fan for his continued support before picking Evander Kane fourth overall.
4:48 PST There were definitely some people who were hoping the Canucks would move up and take big Giants centre Evander Kane but the Thrashers are smart enough not to pass up on the power forward. Kane had a huge season last year leading the Giants in goals with 48 and finishing second in team points with 96 – that’s up from the 24 goals and 41 points he had the year previous. He was also a big part of Canada’s World Junior gold medal squad. For the Thrashers, this helps replace the power forward they lost in Marian Hossa when they dealt him at the trade deadline two seasons ago. I’d like to see Kane return to Vancouver next season to have a chance to really dominate at the junior level and defend his gold medal with Team Canada, but I think the Thrashers will give him a good long look at training camp.
4:49 PST Its pretty apparent that I'll allow the other guys to make the eloquent hockey comments and I'll make inane, annoying comments about the broadcast. I do believe its time for all the GM's to stop trying to speak French. It is getting a little insulting. Good for Evander Kane of the Vancouver Giants, going 4th. He's a good kid and a great talent. He can grow into whatever Atlanta needs, he's a goal scorer but not a liability in his own end. But Giants' fans fret not, you'll get him for at least one more year. He needs to get a little bigger (lets hope Atlanta doesn't make the same mistake Columbus did with Gilbert Brule). Its nice to see his father so demonstratively proud in the stands.
4:51 PST A member of Kane's entourage is waving a Thrashers' jersey. Risky move, considering the fact that if Atlanta went in another direction, you're stuck with a Thrashers' jersey, aka 'The Ugliest Jersey Known to Man.'
4:51 PST Saw Kane at a Giants' game and he was a standout player - solid pick by the Thrashers.

And Kristin, who could ever get enough of comments about the broadcast? Somebody needs to point them out and you've got a knack for it - definitely not annoying.
4:59 PST I can tell you first hand that Brayden Schenn is a great overall talent. I watched this guy during his rookie season in Brandon last year and his hockey smarts are unbelievable. Schenn said before the draft he had no idea where he would end up, but is it just a coincidence Schenn was wearing an LA Kings silver shirt?
5:01 PST Someone turn up the orchestra on the Kings, this is going on forever. But Burke's face after Brayden Schenn was picked made up for it. Brayden won't be hanging with his big bro in the center of the universe. What's it going to take for the Kings to turn the corner? They have a roster full of talented, young players. Isn't it time for a little pay off? The Islanders just picked up Columbus' first rounder at 16, moving up from 26 (their second pick in the first round). Hope the fans at the Nassau Coliseum stick around for the fun.
5:03 PST Hmmm....I don't recall TSN cutting to Brian Burke every 30 seconds in drafts past. Whatever could have changed? 
5:04 PST Looks like there will be no Schenn family reunion in Toronto as Brayden gets snapped up by the Los Angeles Kings. He’s described as a gift goal scorer who’s not afraid to play physical. It appears the Kings are slowly beginning to stockpile some great young offensive talent that includes their team captain Dustin Brown, Anze Kopitar, and Oscar Mollar.

Looks like the Blue Jackets have swapped pick 16 for the Islanders pick 26. That pick has been a hot potato. It belonged to San Jose who dealt it to Tampa in the Dan Boyle trade. It then went to Ottawa in the Meszaros trade, before going to the Islanders in the Mike Comrie trade. Now it belongs to the Blue Jackets. I wonder if there’s a record for most times a particular pick has been dealt? Where’s a stats guy when we need him?
5:07 PST Brian Burke seems to be gathering anger with each passing pick. I thought he was going to burst with Schenn was taken. Who does Toronto take now? If I was Burke I'd nab Nazem Kadri. Then again if I was Burke, I'd smile every few days just so the muscles don't seize up and become unusable.
5:08 PST I promise to keep it up. Who made this pick for the Coyotes? Bettman? I like how Phoenix thanked the "thousands" of fans that showed up to an open ice. I"m guessing that was overshot by a few thousand. Does Keith Gretzky keep his job when bro gets the boot? Ekland-Larsson goes to Phoenix. I heard Tambellini was really hoping he would fall to the Oilers. There's not a nicer guy out there, I hope he can turn things around. Gord Miller just said Ekland-Larsson was the first Swede to go in the draft. His memory is worse than my gold fish's.
5:09 PST TSN is definitely on a role as this draft has followed their mock draft exactly to this point. Oliver Ekman-Larsson, the best name of the draft so far, is said to be a good puck rusher although he still has to work on his shot. He's also said to be very mobile. Sounds like an heir apparent for Ed Jovanovski. They’ll love him in Hamilt…er, Glendale.
5:12 PST No pleasantries from Burke, he cut right to the chase and took Kadri. What's surprising about this pick is that Burke making it could be heard over all the boos from the Montreal faithful. Burke is such a fun guy to love to hate.
5:13 PST As much as this has been the Brian Burke Show, I love the fact that he just got up and made the pick without a speech about the history of the Leafs or Montreal's incredible hospitality or a musical tribute to the life and times of Michael Jackson. Kadri is an interesting pick - a lot of talent with just a touch of attitude issues. If the Leafs can straighten that out, they might have themselves a player.  
5:15 PST Got to love Burkie for taking the time to soak in the boos. So it looks like there's no big splash for the Leafs but they get a kid in Nazem Kadri who has definite offensive potential and has shown improvement each year he has been in the OHL finishing last year with 25 goals and 78 points in just 56 games played. He's turns 19 in October and it's likely he'll head back for a fourth season in the OHL. Central scouting didn't like this kid as much as TSN did. CS had them ranked 15th among North American skaters. TSN had him ranked 8th.
5:18 PST Think it's safe to call the 'Burkie with a microphone' experiment a flop. Honestly, I think it would be considerably funnier to mic-up one of the guys at the Penguins table while they sit through 29 other first round picks. On to other things, anyone heard anything new on Luongo's extension in the last hour and 16 minutes?! How about Gaborik's new house? This draft is so getting in the way of my minute-by-minute Canuck rumour updates. Somone feed the machine...
5:18 PST Think it's safe to call the 'Burkie with a microphone' experiment a flop. Honestly, I think it would be considerably funnier to mic-up one of the guys at the Penguins table while they sit through 29 other first round picks. On to other things, anyone heard anything new on Luongo's extension in the last hour and 16 minutes?! How about Gaborik's new house? This draft is so getting in the way of my minute-by-minute Canuck rumour updates. Somone feed the machine...
5:22 PST Scott Glennie goes to the Dallas Stars 8th overall and I'd have to say that's the biggest surprise of the draft so far. I can personally attest that Glennie is a solid skater with a great shot, he's been dynamite playing with Schenn in Brandon for the last two years. All the Wheat Kings who were available have now been picked meaning my insight is through. It's been grand.
5:24 PST My apologies to Ekman-Larsson for calling him Ekland.. especially as I ripped Miller for his memory.
5:25 PST Rumour has it that the TSN executives have made a firm request that Pierre McGuire not strip down and rub his bare chest with an assortment of spiced oils and crèmes when Ryan Ellis gets picked. We'll see if he complies...
5:26 PST This is where the draft gets fun. The projected order starts to get a wobble in its wheel, and teams start to go off the board a little bit. Dallas takes Glennie a little early, but we've yet to see the pick that sends the TSN panel scrambling. *cough*Grabner*cough*
5:26 PST The TSN panel thought the Stars would be interested in a blueliner, but instead they opt for Scott Glennie – a power forward who had 28 goals and 70 points last year for the WHL's Brandon Wheat Kings. A lot of the Stars top offensive performers are starting to creep up in age with Modano just turned 39, and Ribeiro and Richards at 29 so it does make sense for the Stars to try and get younger on the offensive size and start building around guys like Loui Eriksson and James Neal.
5:29 PST What's with all the shout outs to the fans at the local 'Boston Pizza'? The people watching in the States are wondering just how small Canada is. Whoops.. I just assumed someone across the border was actually watching this.
5:29 PST Odd question - was Ottawa Senators pick Jared Cowen in American Pie? Talk about your Jason Biggs look-a-likes. Spooky.
5:34 PST At 6’5”, 220 lbs. Jared Cowen is an intimidating presence who has drawn some comparisons to former Senator Zdeno Chara. He's got championship experience as well having helped Spokane win a Memorial Cup a couple of season ago.
5:42 PST The first round is taking a long time (e5).
5:42 PST Who is Edmonton Oilers pick Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson? You can find out everything MPS on Pretty impressive that the kid has his own website, I wonder if that helped sell the Oil on him. If my internet wasn't powered by a hamster running on a wheel I'd check the site out for myself and see how it compares to Darcy Hordichuk's (
5:44 PST Congrats to Oilers…now they own the player with the best name in the draft. Magnus Paajarvi-Svensson had 17 points in 50 games playing in the Swedish Elite League last season. Those aren’t exactly eye-popping numbers but considering he just turned 18-years old in April, you have to take those numbers with a grain of salt. Great speed with offensive talent – that definitely seems to fit into the Oilers style of play. Yet another highly skilled forward headed to the Oilers system that already includes youngsters Andrew Cogliano and Sam Gagner among others. Pat Quinn will definitely have some fun getting that group to run-and-gun in years to come.

It is definitely the year of the Swedes as far the International Skaters go. Paajarvi-Svensson is the third Swede to go in the Draft thus far. The top eight ranked International Skaters by Central Scouting are Swedes. Paajarvi-Svensson was the second highest international skater in the Draft ranked behind only Victor Hedman.
5:50 PST Yet another highly touted defenseman heads to Nashville where they’re stockpiling blueliners like they’re going out of style. Ryan Ellis had an astounding 89 points (22-67-89) in 57 games for the Windsor Spitfires last season so he definitely has a huge offensive upside. It’s a bit off the board with Dmitry Kulikov still out there, but after the whole deal with Alex Radulov, you can understand why the Predators might have stayed away from Kulikov. Kulikov, like Radulov before him, plays in the QMJHL so there’s no guarantee that just because he played his junior hockey in North American, he won’t opt to head to the KHL.
5:50 PST Ellis gets picked, and McGuire's shirt stays on. The real question is, why on Earth does Nashville take another defenseman in the first round? Ellis is a good (little) player, but not what the Preds needed. 
5:53 PST Gord Miller just asked Pierre McGuire who he would pick if he was the Wild GM.. way to rub salt in the wound. McGuire was apparently up for the job before being beat out by Chuck Fletcher.. an insider at TSN had the story. McGuire got a little quiet, but mostly because his man-crush Ryan Ellis had already been selected. Wild end up moving the pick.. the Isles move up again.. they're just trying to milk the beer sales at Nassau Coliseum.
5:54 PST I'm with you Paterson, the draft is flowing at a molasses pace. There's still a good three hours before the Pittsburgh brass has to wake up and take whoever is left. If the Canucks weren't picking so late, I would have switched to Jon & Kate Plus 8 a long time ago.
5:55 PST Why would the Isles trade up to go off the board?!? One step forward, one step back. 
5:57 PST The Islanders make moves with the Wild to pick Calvin DeHaan 12th overall. Anyone else wondering if New York is going to try and select Hobbes next? Sorry, that was bad.
5:58 PST Props to Garth Snow for stealing the show at the Draft so far. He moves up from 16 to 12 and goes a bit off the board with blueliner Calvin De Haan – yet another one of those defencemen said to be a good puck rusher and offensively gifted. His first year in the OHL this past season, he had eight goals and 63 points in 68 games. He is the 25th North American ranked player in the Draft and is a bit of a surprise to be selected here since Kulikov and Stefan Elliot are still available as far as offensive defencemen are concerned.
6:07 PST This is an observation only and not meant as any kind of political statement -- and KR you're in a better position to speak to this issue than I am: What would happen if a woman set foot on the NHL draft floor? Having covered a bunch of these things over the years, I'm still amazed at what an old boys club the NHL is. 30 teams, 10 men per table = 300 men. One of them should wear a skirt just to mix things up a little. Or maybe a team (or teams) should actually consider adding a female to its executive group. Just a thought to get me that much closer to the Canucks selection.
6:07 PST Rumours.. Kings looking for negotiating rights for Bouwmeester and the Sharks still fielding offers for neg rights to Ryan Clowe. The Wild at play there. Please, please give me a trade. I'm dying here. I've got one foot out the door.

Derek, I hear there's a new show on the horizon. Jon plus 4 followed by Kate plus 4. I hear Kate's only taking the cute ones though.
6:10 PST Sabres take Zack Kassian, who can best be described as a rough customer. TSN’s take is that he’s a bit of an enigma – sometimes he’s on, sometimes he’s off. 63 points in 61 games last year with Peterborough, well up from the 21 points he had in his first season in the OHL. He also had 136 penalty minutes last season. TSN’s profile page says he has a style similar to Todd Bertuzzi…he definitely sounds like Bert. Buffalo has a history of employing smaller type players in recent years so it’s nice to see them go after a bigger body.
6:14 PST Panthers finally pull the trigger and take a chance on Dmitry Kulikov. Since it looks like they’ll lose Jay Bouwmeester, they get another defenceman who can lug the puck and shoot as well. The big question is when and if Kulikov joins the Panthers as TSN reports he has a two-year contract in the KHL lined up. He played last season in Drummondville of the QMJHL and had 62 points (12-50-62) in 57 games. Since he played in North America last season, he is officially listed as a North American skater.
6:16 PST JP- just saw your comment. I couldn't agree more. I walked the draft floor helping out the NHL Network when the draft was in Vancouver and I was stunned by the lack of women. I have spied a few so far today. The Canucks have one in PR rep Stephanie Maniago. I'm guessing its an intimidating place to hang out. I'd love to see a woman executive hired in the NHL, but I'd like to see it for all the right reasons. I can hang tight till that day arrives, I have my fingers crossed that I'll see it in my lifespan in the media (as short as it is for a woman!). After all there is a woman doing the colour on the NJ Devils radio broadcasts. That's a great step in the right direction. Okay.. have the Canucks picked yet?!?
6:21 PSTBob Murray’s first pick as GM of the Ducks definitely follows in the footsteps of Brian Burke as they get a big body with good offensive skill in Peter Holland. He’s a left-handed shot which should help balance things out for the Ducks when he eventually cracks the lineup. Getzlaf, Perry and Ryan – three huge pieces of the Ducks future up front – are all right-handed shots.
6:22 PST Peter Holland is described as a power-play player who is a smooth skater and generates good speed. I'm guessing that was music to ears of the Anaheim Ducks who just snapped him up 15th overall. He should fit in nicely the Pronger-less Ducks.
6:25 PST I could be wrong.. but didn't TSN just put up a page of notable Minnesota high school hockey players that were high NHL draft picks after Nick Leddy was drafted by the Wild? And left off the list was the Canucks first rounder in 07 Patrick White? No way he could be an afterthought?!?!
6:26 PST Nick Leddy goes to the Wild at 16th overall becoming the seventh defencemen selected. Good news for everyone who has the Canucks picking Stefan Elliott in the VanCanucks Twitter contest, he's still available.
6:27 PST The Wild have also had a strong connection to their local community and they go in that direction in the Draft with blue-liner Nick Leddy. Central Scouting calls him an “explosive skater” and he definitely fits into that new style of play the Wild want to employ. Leddy is the first American player selected in the Draft. The highest rated American player, coincidentally, also has a Minnesota connection. That would be CS’s North American fifth-ranked Jordan Schroeder of the University of Minnesota who is still awaiting his name to be called.
6:28 PST Alright the 22nd pick is in sight (sort of). It's looking more and more like Stefan Elliot will be sitting there when the Canucks get to the podium. Can't go wrong with a North Van guy -- at least that's what I keep telling my wife(!) Let the predictions begin...
6:34 PST The fourth Swede of the Draft goes to the St. Louis Blues and it’s D-man David Rundblad. He played in the Swedish Elite League last season and, despite not scoring a goal in 45 games played, he is said to have a good shot and a player to have on the power play. The Blues have made an effort to shore up their blueline in recent years drafting Erik Johnson first overall in 2006, trading for Colaiacovo this season, and drafting Alex Pietrangelo with their first pick last season. Rundblad will be part of that plan moving forward.
6:37 PST That response to Montreal drafting Louis LeBlanc was outstanding. Talk about pressure, a Quebec kid drafted to Montreal in Montreal. He better not put the jersey on backwards.
6:40 PST They aren’t booing in Montreal, they’re Louuuuing for Louis Leblanc. TSN was all over that pick predicting the Habs would go after the French-Canadian of Omaha from the USHL. Central Scouting’s assessment is that he needs to get bigger, but he’s a visionary with the puck and has some offensive upside. Based on what’s been said, it sounds like it will take some time before we see Leblanc in the NHL.

Three more picks before the GM Mike Gillis and the Canucks step up to the podium!
6:42 PST 3 or 4 players projected to go higher have not yet been picked. (from Twitter)
6:45 PST Several very good players have fallen to within range of the Canucks, making the draft's Academy-Award-like pacing a little more exciting. Elliot might have been in the Canucks' crosshairs earlier in the evening, but maybe Gillis sees something unexpected that changes his mind? 
6:48 PST From the same school where Canucks netminder Cory Schneider is an alum, the Rangers go for Chris Kreider – a player described as having great speed, great playmaking ability, and a great shot. The Rangers came into this Draft with a heavy heart having lost 2007 pick Alexei Cherepanov but Kreider sounds to be the type of player cast in that same mold as far as skills set go.
6:55 PST What are the odds Mike Gillis goes to the podium and thanks us bloggers for all our hard work tonight? Zero? Agreed.
6:56 PST Moore and Schroeder still on the board...two players who were ranked highly coming into the day, and at least one of which will be available when Gillis walks to the podium. Recent history suggests that such players can provide excellent value late in the first round. Do the Canucks take advantage? 
6:57 PST The Devils have a history of doing good things at the Draft so there must really be something they like about Jacob Josefson – the third ranked International Skater and the fifth Swede picked. TSN calls him a good two-way player and that’s a pre-requisite if you want to play for the Devils.
7:03 PST Schroeder falls to the Canucks, something I didn't think would happen. He's reportedly about 5'7", so maybe that scared some teams off? Regardless, a great value pick at #22 if Gillis goes that route. 
7:03 PST The Blue Jackets started the day at 16, moved down to 26, and now move back up to 21 to pick up John Moore – a kid that probably thought he would have had his name called much earlier. Moore was ranked 6th among North American skaters and TSN had him 13th in their mock draft. A good skater who can spark the offence from the back-end.
7:09 PST Trust me, this is an awesome pick. Save for Luongo butchering the name...
7:10 PST General Managers having problems with their french at the podium? Why not bring Roberto Luongo and get him to do the hard work. That's what the Canucks just did with Luongo announcing Vancouver's 22nd pick is Jordan Schroeder. He said his last name wrong, but who cares, this guy is a steal of a pick and for the second straight year the steal goes to the Canucks. That pick got Bob McKenzie's approval and really, that's all that matters.
7:12 PST Great touch having Luongo make the selection. Schroeder’s a small kid listed at 5’8” but he could be the steal of the Draft. He was the fifth-ranked North American skater. The centre is said to be a great offensive talent and gives the Canucks some great depth at that position with the likes of Ryan Kesler and Cody Hodgson and, if we take GM Mike Gillis at face value in his interview on TSN with James Duthie, Henrik Sedin.
7:13 PST I love that Luongo went up to make the pick.. also love that he mispronounced the kids' name. Its about time someone stole one of the better ideas of Alex Ovechkin. I was a little concerned about the look on Luongo's face before he headed up to the stage.. its was a very similar look to that on my husband's face when I made him switch it back to the draft from 'Family Guy'. Bob McKenzie kept describing Schroeder as precocious. Someone explain this one to me. Gillis told me before the draft he would like to pick up an offensive defenseman, but it seems he couldn't pass up on Schroeder.. who dropped fairly significantly. Gillis stuck with the philosophy of picking the best player available. Can't argue with that.
7:17 PST The TSN guys certainly liked the Canucks selection -- then again, McGuire has yet to see a pick he hasn't gone wild over! Schroeder clearly doesn't have size on his side, but the highlights they showed from the WJC seem to indicate the kid can dangle and shoot the puck. Perhaps this will be a wake-up call to Patrick White that one of his college teammates has been in the organization all of 10 minutes and is already ahead of him on the Canucks depth chart. That's it for me tonight -- it's been fun. Let's do it again all day tomorrow (NOT!)
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