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Behind the Lens Road Diary 4

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

By Jeff Vinnick

Canucks photographer Jeff Vinnick joined the team for their four-game eastern road swing. He's kindly agreed to share a few thoughts, and hopefully and slew of pictures over the next eight days as he captures action behind the scenes.

Day Four:

Well it seems that the 'Winter Wonderland' we've been enjoying in BC followed us east. We just missed the skies unloading on Toronto, but it caught up to us here in Montreal.

I'm staying literally two blocks from the Bell Centre, so it's difficult to complain, but I'll do it anyway. Walking to the rink reminds me of the stories my grandfather used to tell about trudging 20 miles to school through 10 foot snowbanks in rural Saskatchewan. The man burrowed most of the way there, warmed himself for a few hours, and by the time he was ready to head home the tunnels had collapsed and he did it all over again.

Haven't dug any tunnels yet, but it's plenty cold enough for me.

It was Vigneult's first day back in his old haunt. He took a few moments to himself and ventured out from the dressing room to walk the halls. I'm no Kreskin, but I'm sure he wants nothing more than to duplicate Saturday's win in Toronto.

Coach 'V' skated the guys pretty hard this morning. Every now and again I'd catch a player leaning back on the dasher between rushes looking up into the rafters where Stanley Cup banners hang aplenty. You would think they were giving them away with every purchase of a foot-long and large fountain drink at the theatre across the street.

Finished yesterday's practice with a good shot of adrenalin. Roberto Luongo took a shot to the head and collapsed immediately. The trainers rushed out and helped him to his knees. Got a puck in the throat. The media buzzed about that till TC Carling opened the dressing room doors after practice. Turns out he's fine. Just a scare.

Finished up the day watching the Red Wings down the Habs 2-0 on TSN. Hope they wore 'em out

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