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by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

Dat beard.

CanucksTV posted a video yesterday of Jason Garrison expressing his excitement about the deal getting done, skating with the Thunderbirds at UBC and the intensity of the media in Vancouver.

Here it is, incase you missed it.

One look at Garrison and most viewers naturally questioned if the Canucks were about to head into a new season, or if it was the Stanley Cup Final.

The beard is to blame.

Garrison’s beard, as YouTube user InSoMnIaK16 commented, “Garrison's Beard>>>>Chuck Norris' Beard” and it’s tough to argue with that.

Back in August, you know pre-lockout, I met Garrison for coffee to discuss everything under the sun and naturally the topic of his hair, intense face gruff and style in general came up.

It’s time you knew the background on the beard.

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