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Ask A Player - Bryan Allen

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Q: Who on the team do you get along with best, and who is the joke cracker in the dressing room? (Tamara Johnson)

 That's a tough question, I would have to say my room-mate, Dan Cloutier. On the road I tend to spend the most time with him. The biggest joke cracker would probably be Jarkko Ruutu.

Q: How do you find yourself in the right position to get a perfect hit? (Jonah Harman, Age 11)

It comes down to timing. You can look for the opportunity as it comes up the ice, but it's more or less just timing.

Q: How are the fans different in smaller American NHL cities than the Canadian NHL cities? (Bruce Moore)

 Fans in smaller American cities are not as focused or emotional. Canadian fans have always been very happy to come watch games, and always seem to be impressed. "Die hard", is the right way to describe Canadian fans.

Q: What was it like for you adjusting this season to having more fans, ice time and being an important part of the team? (Ami Atwal, Langly, B.C.)

 More fans?, I didn't really know I had that many! Getting more ice time though, is always nice. It definitely makes thing easier out there when you're getting more ice time.

Q: Did your parents influence you at all to get into hockey or did you decide on your own that you wanted to play? (Lisa Batke, Vernon B.C.)

 My parents definitely influenced me. They always made it possible for me to play through finding the funds to buy equipment and take me places. My parents played a big part for sure.

Q: How do you deal with day to day minor injuries like muscle strains, bruises and inflammation? (Peter Siemers)

 I think everyone's going to have them. You just have to try and tell yourself it's not as bad as it might be. I don't think anyone has played the entire season injury free, there is always nagging injuries that you just have to put in the back of your head.

Q: With the advent of the new rules in the league, do you think that a defenseman's likelihood of injury has increased, and what can the league do to prevent injury? (John Pinel)

 I don't think it's the new rules per say. I think it's more or less the scheduling this year with the Olympics. Games are closer together and it is making things a little harder.

Q: Do any of the players have nicknames for you? (Steve Chambers)


Q: How do you feel about your team being the top team in the Northwestern Division? And do you have a certain pre-game "ritual"? (Charis Cerrer, Duncan, B.C.)

 It's good, it's always a goal of your team to win your division, and it makes it a little easier going into the play-offs and playing on home ice. I don't have a pre-game ritual per say. I more or less just have a routine in how I get ready, stretch, and warm up. I wouldn't say that I'm superstitious.

Q: Why did you admire Wendel Clark as a child? (Allyssa Alano)

 That's a good question. I guess I just liked his style of play, and living near Toronto I was a Toronto fan.


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