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Ask A Player - Anson Carter

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Q: Being a new resident to Vancouver, tell us what you like most about the city?

What I like most about the city? I think the fact it has a lot of dog parks. I have a three month old Great Dane, named Zeus. My main concern is his welfare. I can adjust wherever I go, but I just wanted to make sure he was happy. He's found a lot of doggy friends to hang out with, and a lot of open area, green area. I grew up in New York City, it's pretty dog friendly but at the same time you feel like you're in a concrete jungle, where as here you get the combination of the city and having open areas. So that's the best thing for me just having those open fields for my dog to run around and play in.

Q: Which is better, Christmas in New York or Christmas in L.A.?

That's tough, I'd have to say Christmas in L.A. to be honest with you. I'm a warm weather guy, the cold weather I could do without, that's for sure. The lifestyle in L.A. is a little more laid back, where as people in New York are a little more agressive. So I think I'd take L.A. over New York anyday.

Q: What is your favorite food and restaurant?

It all depends on the time of year. During hockey season it's probably spaghetti and chicken. I'm a creature of habit and I like to eat the same thing basically everyday. During the off-season I'd say sushi. I found a place called Meko's downtown last night on Robson Street, which I thought was great. In L.A. I go to a place called Cori quite a bit, which is probably my top sushi restaurant in California. It all depends what city I'm in, I've got a black book of top restaurant's, so I try to hit them all as the season goes on.

Q: What is the last movie you saw?

Last night I went and saw Flight Plan starring Jodie Foster. I was a little skeptical going in, because you just never know how interesting a movie will be about someone who's stuck on a plane, where there isn't too many sets available. But it was great, it was a thriller, and a drama, and it kept me on my toes for an hour and a half. I wasn't looking for an Oscar performance that's for sure. I just wanted to be entertained for an hour and a half, to take my mind off playing hockey, so it did the job!

Q: What is your greatest hockey moment?

Besides scoring my first goal, it would have to be scoring in overtime for Team Canada, in the World Championships to help our team win a gold medal. That's probably right up there I think, because we hadn't won since 97, the other time I played for Team Canada in the World Championships. It was a nice feeling to be part of a team and win my second gold medal, in the men's World Championship and my third World Championship for Team Canada.

Q: Can you tell the Sedin's apart yet? If so, what is your trick?

I'm slowly starting to, in the fact that Hank has the goatee and the facial hair now, and Danny doesn't is helping. I've grown up with a lot of twins in highschool and college, so I'm familar being around twins. But these two are identical, so it's taking a little longer then I thought it would take to tell who's who. But I'm starting to figure out who's who now, which makes it a lot easier.

Q: What are you most excited for this season with the Canucks?

I'm just excited to get underway and play games in the northwest division. These guys won the regular season, northwest division title last time they played hockey. With myself and Parksy coming in, and the returning line they have coming back, and the excitement of the team here in the city of Vancouver, I'm excited to get the regular season going. I'm not looking past the regular season but at the process of what it takes to get to the playoff's. I'm just looking forward to that first game, taking it one game at a time, and to continue this journey to reach our goal which is to win the Stanley Cup this year.

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