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Ask a Canuck - Henrik Sedin

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Forward Henrik Sedin began his NHL career almost a decade ago as a young 19 year-old during the 2000.2001 season with the Vancouver Canucks. Drafted third overall during the 1999 entry draft, Henrik has embarked on a special career, one that has placed his good friend and twin brother alongside him for the past nine seasons.

At 6’2” and 183 lbs, the Ornskoldsvik, Sweden native has carved out a home here in Vancouver, playing on the teams’ top offensive line. The newly appointed assistant Captain also ranks fifth on the Canucks all-time scoring list with 484 points (122-362-487) in 669 games.

Now in his ninth season with the Canucks, Henrik leads team scoring notching 13 goals and 11 assists (13-11-24) in 23 games. Henrik, a natural playmaker, took some time away from the game to answer your questions.

What has it been like to spend you entire NHL career in Vancouver? Do you see yourself staying for the remainder of you career? (Sarah S, Coquitlam, BC)

It’s been great. You adjust for every year and right now we love it here. We’ve got a lot of friends here, we like our teammates, and the city is unbelievable. We’re hoping we can stay here for the remained of our careers, for sure.

Do you get aggravated by criticisms that suggest you and Daniel are incapable of playing without one another? (Katelynn L, Vancouver, BC)

No, we’ve never really cared about what people are saying. We’ve always had to prove people wrong. For us, it’s just another thing that we read about that we don’t really care about. It’s not a big thing. That’s not the way we think. We know we can play in this league and we’re confident. We got here because of hard work and the way we play. I think people think that we need to prove [ourselves to] other people, but that’s not the way we think.

If you could pick your own starting lineup, using any player in the NHL past of present, who would make the cut? (Mick, Delta, Surrey)

Goalie… I’ll pick Louie [Roberto Luongo] as a goalie. Defencemen, Ray Bourque, Nick Lidstrom and forwards Peter Forsberg, Steve Yzerman, and Wayne Gretzky. 

Best mistaken identity story? (Christian, Vancouver BC)

We’ve never really done anything. In school teachers had a really tough time telling us apart. I’ve had one with Murph [Dan Murphy]. In Pittsburg after a game he was going to interview me because I scored but Daniel went out there instead and talked about my goal. So, that might be one.

What’s the best and worst part of playing on the same team as Daniel? (Ling Chu, Richmond, BC)

The best would be you’re always around a good friend and a brother. That’s always good. The worst part, I don’t know if it even is ‘the worst’ but you tend to be more critical of him than of other players because you’re close and it’s easy to criticize him.

What’s the best hockey advice you’ve received during your career and your best lesson learned? (Pete Fung, Victoria, BC)

Best advise hockey wise would be just to do what you’re good at, have fun, and don’t get too high when the media write good things about you and don’t get too low when the media writes bad things about you.

Besides winning the Stanley cup what do you want to achieve before you hang up your skates? (Noor Shahab, Kamloops, BC)

Well...I’ve already won at the Olympics. World Championships maybe? Yes…World Championships.

Editor’s Note: Almost four years ago, Henrik, in his first Olympic appearance for team Sweden, won Gold at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. Henrik has made four appearances in the World Championships in 1999, 2000, 2001, and 2005 capturing two bronze medals in ’99 and ’01.

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