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Ask a Canuck - Alex Burrows

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Vancouver Canuck forward Alex Burrows, 28, began his NHL career four years ago as an undrafted free agent. Last season, the 6’1” 200 lbs., Pincourt, Quebec native notched a career high 28 goals (28-23-51) in 82 games.

Now in his fifth season with Vancouver, Burrows has become part of this team’s core group with his offensive and defensive capabilities. The versatile forward took some time away from the game to answer your question.

How does one decide between perusing an NHL career verses obtaining a post secondary education? (Meaghann Pederson, Maple Ridge, BC)

For me personally, I went both ways. I was in juniors when at school. Once I got in my twenties I wanted to be an NHL player. I tried my best and worked hard at it, and it worked out for me. I got lucky a little bit, but at the same time it’s really important for people to realize that schools important and if hockey doesn’t work at least you’ve got school to rely on.

Does animosity carry forward into the next season or do you forget bad blood after games are over? (David, Vancouver, BC)

No, there’s animosity for sure. It’s going to carry over. It all depends on who you’re playing against. Obviously divisional games are always big against teams like Calgary and Edmonton. Now we kind of have a rivalry with Chicago because of last year’s playoffs. I’m sure once we play St. Louis there’re going to be looking forward to play us.

What do you think about playing in a hockey city like Vancouver? Does the amount of media attention or criticism bother you? And, do you get recognized on the streets (Tristian Scott, Port Coquitlam, BC)

No, it doesn’t bother me at all. I think I like it a little bit. People are passionate about their team. People are passionate about the game and that’s really what you want as a player. You came into the rink everyday and you know you’re going to be playing for great fans, and that’s when we have here in Vancouver.

About getting reorganized on the street, yes, I do every once in a while. 99 per cent of the people are really, really nice. They’ll just be happy to talk to you, shake your hand, and get an autograph.

What are your thoughts about females playing in the NHL? (Noor, Vancouve, BC)

It would be great. I think if some girls can get to the level of NHL players and am able to perform in this league; it’d be great for the game. It’d be great for women’s rights.

What’s you’re best and worst memory on the ice? (Vince, Surrey, BC)

My best memory is probably my first game. Being able to say that I played in the NHL, I achieved my dream. The worst was probably game six in Chicago last year the way we lost there at the end a 7-5 game. I thought we could have won that game and brought it back home for game seven.

What teams do you look forward to seeing and which teams do you dread? (Taylor K, North Vancouver, BC)

I like playing rivals Calgary and Edmonton. Playing in my hometown Montreal is always a big thrill because I know my family and friends back home are watching. I don’t think there’s a team I don’t like playing against. I’ll play against anyone.

If you could visit any country in the world where would you go? (Emma Witwicky, Kamloops, BC)
I’m thinking about the Greek islands this summer. So, that’s probably where I’d go.

What’s your favorite band? And best concert you’ve seen live? (Kathy L, Vancouver, BC)

I’d have to say Britney Spears in 2001 was one of the concerts I really liked going to. Yes, it was great. The best band out there I’d like to say, I really like U2.

Favorite places to go in Montreal? Do you get homesick? (Mal Shahab, Surrey, BC)

I don’t get home sick at all. I like going back and seeing my friends. My favorite place to go would probably be St. Laurence Street.

What do you plan on doing after you finish you hockey career? (Thalia Lang, Vancouver, BC)

I don’t know yet. I haven’t really thought about it. I would like to stay involved in the game and help out a team as a coach or maybe a scout.

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