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Anything for love

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks

When I got married last summer, my brother Kurt, the greatest best man ever, gave a speech for the ages.

With the Vancouver Canucks fresh off a Stanley Cup Final defeat, Kurt said that despite the loss, I brought home the best prize. “Tasha shines just as bright as the Cup and I know you can’t lift her over your head, but at least a bunch of guys don’t take her home for a night.”

I laughed and thank goodness Tasha laughed.

She was a hockey fan when we met and was turned into a Canucks supporter by yours truly, but as you'll read, not everyone is as easily converted.

Meet Polly and Simon. Polly grew up in Vancouver and is a huge Canucks fan. Simon grew up in Calgary and was a Flames fan. It’s was and not is because thanks to Polly, Simon saw the error in his ways.

Polly began trying to convert Simon when she moved to Calgary four years ago. Her attempts were unsuccessful until Simon got down on one knee.

After the two were engaged, Polly saw a window of opportunity to finally get Simon thinking straight. As part of their big day this past May in Kelowna, a traditional Chinese tea ceremony was held with the bride and her bridal party running the show. The groom and groomsmen were locked outside and only allowed to enter the tea room when the bride saw fit.

Polly made Simon pledge his undying love and devotion to not only her, but also the Canucks. To land the woman of his dreams, he had to don a Canucks jersey, hold up an I Heart Canucks sign and twice exclaim loud and proud “I love Vancouver Canucks.”

Videographer Geoff Heith shot the couple’s big day and he cut a special video highlighting Simon’s change of heart and new love for the Canucks.

The two are now happily married with Simon part of Polly’s family and the Canucks family.

“I am so happy that Simon join the Canucks' family for me,” said Polly, via email.

The true test comes when hockey returns and the Canucks face the Flames. All eyes will be on Simon, especially Polly’s.

*Polly and Simon's wedding was photographed by Kevin Trowbridge.

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