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A little education

by Nicklas Jensen / Vancouver Canucks

Thank you to everyone for their comments and support after my first attempt at writing – everyone was very encouraging and I really appreciate it.

I’ll start off with answering a couple of fan questions:

Question: How did you finish school at 16?
That’s just how it is in Denmark – it’s more difficult but in a shorter amount of time is all. They pack in more stuff during that time, which makes it harder but you can finish earlier. I think it’s better because you’re done earlier. I’ve been told it’s tougher but it’s all I know because I’ve never been to school anywhere else.

Question: What were sports teams like in high school in Denmark?
We don’t have them in Denmark – it’s just school. I guess that helps us finish when we’re 16. In my last year, we had a hockey thing and we were the first school in Denmark to have that so it’s was good. There’s soccer there now too so it’s growing. My school is Sonderaedr Skolen and in Denmark, we don’t even have high school, we just call it “school” because grade 0 to grade 9 are all in the same school. Even though all grades are at one school, there were only 500 people total at the school so it wasn’t that big, just like my town.

I didn’t have any high school teams but I did play soccer and hockey growing up. I played soccer for a long time until I was 14 when I had to choose between soccer and hockey. Obviously, I chose hockey, just because I loved playing hockey more than soccer. I thought it was my sport even though, I thought I was pretty good at soccer and hockey was more my thing. I don’t know if I am still good at soccer but I was kind of good.

My first impressions on Penticton are probably exactly the same as everyone else who visits here – it is beautiful. I think it’s kind of like Vancouver with the mountains and the water but just smaller. This is very different for me coming from Denmark because we don’t have any of that there.

We haven’t had much time to do a lot so we just did a quick walkthrough yesterday after we got in before the team dinner. Maybe I’ll have some time today at some point but we’re here for a week so I’m sure I’ll see a good bit of the city.

My roommate right now is Yann Sauve – who used to be a blogger too so maybe he’ll share some tips with me. We just met yesterday but he seems like a really good guy so far. He’s the veteran so he’s given me a little bit of advice like to stay relaxed and don’t think too much so that’s nice to have him around for that. I don’t speak any French and he doesn’t speak any Danish so we might have some language lessons from time to time to understand each other but good thing we’re both pretty good with English.

Got any questions? I would love to hear from you. Send me your thoughts.

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