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A Hockey Life - Shane O'Brien

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Favourite hockey momento:

I haven’t been on too many championship winning teams so. My NHL goal puck from the first goal I scored.

Best gift:

My parents always spoiled me so I got so many gifts when I was younger but anytime I got hockey stuff was always cool.

What's it like to be a hockey player? While only a handful get to experience it day in and day out, the rest of us watch on tv.  Here's a look inside one hockey player's life from a perspective only few have seen.  Follow a day in the life of defenceman, Shane O'Brien.

Morning routine:

On an off day, I usually sleep in until as late as I can, then I’ll get up and just sit on the couch and relax.  At my place, I’ve got a steamer, so I usually go there and the hot tub or pool. I wake up to my cell phone - some annoying ring but it does the job.  I hate it but it wakes me up and get me out of bed.

Favourite item in your house:

My couch and my x-box, it’s a tie.  It’s a comfortable, big L-couch.  Growing up, I always said that once I get enough money to afford one, I would buy myself an L-couch. I got one for myself back home and one when I was down in Tampa.  It’s big and comfortable and I spend a lot of time on it so it’s good to me.

Something that’s always in your fridge:

Diet Pepsi. Growing up, my dad had diet pepsi in the house all the time. I only have it when I eat but when I eat, I’m addicted to Diet Pepsi. I prefer Pepsi over Coke but I can have a Coke if that's the only one available.

Self indulgence:

I guess I would say food is mine. I have to watch what I eat, I’m hungry all the time. I like a good cheeseburger every now and then and a nice slice of pizza.  I can’t have that right now because I’m on a strict diet.

Question you always get asked at parties:

Just the typical, “What’s it like playing in the NHL?”

Obsolete item you can’t get rid of:

My watch. I got a Breitling Bentley watch. That's something that I wouldn’t give up.
Holy grail concert:

ACDC with Metallica in Las Vegas. I haven’t seen them yet.


My parents have a dog, Finnigan, which I love a lot.  He’s a cute guy - a basset hound, so he's got the big ears. It’s my parents but I consider him mine too. 

We just got him in the last couple years since my sister and I moved out. 

My parents were getting a little lonely so they got him - they treat that dog better than they treat us and they treat us pretty good so it shows you how good that dog has it.

Evening routine:

Fall asleep on the couch, wake up, then go to bed.
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