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A Hockey Life - Rob Davison

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks


Golf suppose, though I’m not very good. Maybe a 20 handicap. I think my best round was an 86, though I don’t remember where that was.

Roommate on the road:

It was Kyle Wellwood until recently and now I'm with [Shane] O’Brien. It’s a new development, we’ll see how it works.

My annoying habit:

Kevin Bieksa told me I talk too much on the bench and it gives him a headache. So that’s was recently brought to my attention. I didn’t think it was bad but…

In an effort to let fans get to know players better, we explored some players' everyday lives and revealed some secrets. Here are some things you never knew about Rob Davison.

Morning routine:

My alarm is my cell phone and it’s Seether, Fake it. I get up at nine with my son and make breakfast, Anything from bagel to toast to oatmeal. He’s up at nine o’clock – we get up at the same time. He’s two. He loves toast, so anything like toast cream cheese and jam, sometimes we share that in the morning.

Favourite item:

My PVR, I get to watch all the shows that I miss. When you have a child at home it’s tough to catch the shows at 7 or 8 o’clock.

Smallville, Heroes, House, Entourage, and when Lost is on I get Lost. Couple of years ago it was Arrested Development and Weeds.

Always in your fridge:

Milk, Skim and two percent.

Self indulgence:

Haggen daas cookie dough Ice Cream.


A toy poodle named jack. He’s five. He’s got a moustache. No matter how fast we get him groomed, he has this moustache that just keeps growing back,

Obsolete item:

I’m a packrat, so there’s a lot of stuff. Any old jersey.

Hockey momento:

Well I have the puck from my first goal in the NHL, it was against Anaheim on Martin Gerber. It took me three games. I have two more in the next 203 games I played. It’s at home in my office.

Scratch that. For my wedding gift, my wife gave me a framed picture of all the original six hockey stadiums with signatures of all the guys who were on those teams like Jean Beliveau, Johnny Bower. A friend of ours owns a sports memorabilia place in Toronto.

Job growing up:

Fireman, of course. I don’t know, I guess I liked the idea of the big red trucks.


Dvd’s I don’t know I don’t collect much.

Question you always get asked at parties:

Did your wife dress you? I guess when I go to parties, but when she’s not with me I typically don’t dress up. I have a new velvet jacket I like to wear. It’s hot.

One thing you don’t leave home without:


Song on your playlist:

Lady Gaga

By the bed:

I make sure I have the baby monitor and a glass of water and I’m set.
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