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A Hockey Life - Mike Brown

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks
Mike Brown, the tenacious winger with a penchant for Harley’s and hockey cards, currently lives out of a hotel suite in downtown Vancouver with his girlfriend and two dogs.

Morning routine
The first thing I do is get a little juice. I like the healthy start blend of strawberry, orange and banana. I usually eat a bowl of granola with skim milk (gotta keep the fat off), then shower, make sure the dogs are taken care of, and head to the rink.

Most annoying thing about playing hockey:
If it was annoying people wouldn’t play.

Childhood career:
I guess I grew up around Harley bikes all my life. That was the only other thing besides hockey. I always wanted to be a hockey player. People always say, “if hockey doesn’t work out, what do you want to be?” I just told them it was going to work out. But if I had to answer, I’d say bike mechanic.

Favourite item in the house:
The bed. I like sleeping or relaxing on the bed. Right now it’s just a normal bed at the hotel, but I have a house back in Chicago with a pretty nice bed. It has a pillow top and a nice backrest so you can lean your head on it without hurting. We bought it at Steinhafels.

What do you always have in the fridge:
We always have a plate of vegetables, carrots, celery, broccoli with a little bit of ranch dip. And Nestle bottled water. We always have water in there. But really we don’t keep too much stuff around the house because we cook dinner every night and use pretty much everything in the fridge.

Questions you most get asked at parties:
What would you like to drink? No, just kidding. I get asked about the toughest guy I’ve ever fought a lot, and about Harley Davidson motorcycles, because my dad owns Chicago Harley. You know, what kind of bike I ride, stuff like that.

Truth is I don’t have a bike. I won’t get one till I’m done playing.

I haven’t really fought any of the big tough guys like Georges Laraque, and he’s probably the toughest guy around. I fought Aaron Asham last year and he’s pretty tough. And I fought Josh Gratton my first year. He’s a strong guy and a real good fighter.

Most memorable fight:
I didn’t get an early start fighting because I played college at the University of Michigan and fighting isn’t allowed, though I did get into the one tussle. It was a nothing fight with Kyle Bushee from Western Michigan. It was one of those college fights where I just got his helmet off and gave him a couple before he turtled up. The crowd was all students so they went nuts when I got thrown out.

Holy Grail concert:
Metallica, for sure. They’re my favourite band. I’ve seen lots of band just from playing hockey and being around the arena, but never them.

Best gift:
I got a computer last year, I guess I like that. [Mike] Weaver was a big iMac guy and he helped me out with it. I got myself locked out and lost the password and had to go through this whole rebooting thing. I got it sorted now.

I used to collect hockey cards as a kid. I actually was looking through them back in Michigan at my parent’s place not that long ago just for giggles, to see what I had. I probably have 1,000 cards that take up a whole drawer. I’m kind of surprised they were still in there. I don’t know why I never moved them, but they were still in the same drawer beside my bed.

I came across a Mike Keane card from about 20 years ago and showed him in Manitoba. It was pretty funny. I didn’t ask him to sign it.
Best part of your golf game:
Oooh, I don’t think I have one. I’m probably a 25 handicap or maybe more. I try to shoot a little over par each hole. I just figured out a good driving strategy and a new way to grip the club and I was a bombing a few out there at the Milford a few weeks ago. I used to do the interlocking with the pinky and the finger, and I just took it off and did the baseball grip. All of the sudden I started to hit the ball.

I’d have to say my first goal puck. I had played a few pre-season games, but my first regular season game I got called in to Minnesota and Scored. I got in a fight that Game too.

Two dogs, both cocker spaniels named Max and Benny. One of them is three and the other is just over a year. They actually just got out here from Chicago. I guess you could say they guard the wife when I’m not at home. They’re not big dogs, but they’re pretty scrappy, especially Max.

Procrastination problem:
Probably TV. I catch myself watching a lot of recorded TV. I get into shows and want to save them for the next day, but I tend to catch fire and find myself staying up watching them till I finish 10 episodes in a row. I like Heroes, Prison Break, Lost.

Bedtime routine: Let the dogs out, which is awkward since I have to take them down the elevator, through the lobby, and out the back door. Then I have a little granola and yoghurt (vanilla Activa with strawberry because the commercials say it’s for active people).

Dogs on the bed or off:
On the bed. I’d rather have them up than running around down there in the middle of the night getting in trouble.

I like the radio - I can’t stand the buzzer. I set it to any kind of music: sometimes country, sometimes top 40, basically whatever doesn’t have static. I pretty much leave it wherever I can get that little dial on. Those things are touchy. When I zone in I just leave it there.
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