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A Hockey Life - Jason LaBarbera

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

Favourite hockey momento:

I’ve got a lot of autographed jerseys from guys I’ve played with so probably Mark Messier autographed jersey.


Burmese mountain dog named Aston and he is a year and three months old. Right now he’s 120 pounds.

Annoying thing about hockey:

Fans that have no manners. There’s no please and thank yous any more - it’s just gimme, gimme, gimme - it drives me nuts.

Next purchase:

Anything to do with baby stuff. Personally I don’t really need anything but I know my girlfriend does.

What's it like to be a hockey player? While only a handful get to experience it day in and day out, the rest of us watch on tv.  Here's a look inside one hockey player's life from a perspective only few have seen.  Get to know Jason LaBarbera's hockey life.

Morning routine:

I take the dog out to go to the bathroom, come to the rink and have breakfast. Then, I usually ride the bike and stretch before practice.

Favourite item in your house:

Does my dog count?

My computer – Macbook. I’m on that thing all the time but my girlfriend hates it. Maybe that or my blackberry.

Something that’s always in your fridge:

Always have water... or Propel.

Question you always get asked at parties:

Oh wow... I guess, everyone still thinks I’m from Burnaby but I was actually only born in the hospital there. So, I’ll say that.

Self indulgence:

Food - anything sweet, chocolate - big time. Just straight up milk chocolate.

My worst habit:

Eating - I have no will power, seriously. When I’m done playing, I’m going to be a big man.

Holy grail concert:

Metallica and ACDC together at Wimbley Stadium.

One thing you don’t leave home without:

Blackberry or my computer - I’m lost without either of them.

Obsolete item you can’t get rid of:

My computer - I don’t go anywhere without it.

TV show you never miss:

I’m a big Food Network guy, I really like watching that but I’m going to with 24. I think Jack Bauer’s the man. It gets kind of ludicrous sometimes but that guy always find a way to work things out.

Favourite keepsake:

My Memorial Cup ring. It’s at home in Calgary. I wore it for bit before but I wouldn’t wear it now. It’s one of those things you keep and look at it once in a while.

Evening routine:

Walk the dog... I’m on the internet all the time - I mean, I’m on there all the time. I go on this one website called the Young Turks, I’m on that a lot watching videos. It’s got a lot of political things that I find interesting so usually that.

Or right now, I’m really into the Sopranos so I’m watching that right now. I just finished season one on the last road trip - I put in some serious Sopranos time on the plane.
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