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6 Things: Road trippin'

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
Get your motor runnin', Head out on the highway, Looking for adventure, In whatever comes our way…

Whether or not Jeremy Stadler was born to be wild, he organized a wild road trip earlier this year to follow his beloved Vancouver Canucks.

The journey, which covered 8,300 kms, had Stadler, Sandeep Ashok, Josh Mercer, Jimmy MacNeill, Nevada Jones and Gord Shaver in Winnipeg, Detroit and Boston to watch the Canucks, then New York to see the Oilers face the Rangers before following the Rangers to Pittsburgh.

It was a pretty epic road trip, one not recommended for the faint of heart, according to trip note-taker-guy Sandeep Ashok.

Here are 6 Things you should know about watching the Canucks abroad.


"Make sure to plan your trip where you have time to take advantage of the great attractions the road trip affords you. There is so much to see in many of the cities the Canucks play in, that it would be a shame to miss out on the sights and sounds of world class cities like the Big Apple (NYC), Montreal, and Chicago, let alone lesser known gems like Nashville. When jet lag, missed luggage and delayed flights are getting you down, just think of how our heroes travel from the Pacific Northwest all the way across the country and continent 4 or 5 times a year to face the likes of Sidney Crosby, Alex Ovechkin and Zdeno Chara on their own turf."


"If you make the effort to venture out of the friendly confines of Rogers Arena to support the team, make sure you stand out by showing your colours. As the years have gone by in our quest for the holy grail, the Canucks have wracked up quite a few accolades and accomplishments. Be proud of the great history of the Canucks and the City/Region you are representing by wearing your Canucks jersey whichever flavor it may be: stick in rink, Orca with Vancouver, Flying V or Spaghetti Canucks."


"See #1.

"In our past trips we have had the opportunity to see Jimmy Fallon perform and go skating in Rockefeller center, visit the Smithsonian museum in DC and Universal studios in Hollywood among other attractions."


"Through our Canucks road trips we have had the opportunity to maintain friendships with distant friends who we would have otherwise lost touch with. Our last trip doubled as a hockey trip and a stag party for one of the boys. The trips bring us together and help strengthen the bond we have as Canucks fans!"


"There are great people and hockey fans across both the US and Canada so take the time to get to know fans in the opposing buildings and see their thoughts on their team and the Canucks. Always be respectful and follow the golden rule. Yes, there will always the odd jerk, but don’t let the minority ruin your opportunity to meet new people and talk some puck!"


"Whether it’s thin crust pizza (“poy”) on long island, deep dish Pizza in the madhouse on Madison, Cheesesteaks on Broad Street or BBQ in the Music City make sure to take advantage of the local fare. When you do make sure to return the favor and let the locals know to sample BC salmon and Dim Sum when they come to Vancouver."

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