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2013 NHL Draft Live Blog

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
The future is now.

Happy Sunday, my name is Derek Jory and I’ll be your live blogging live blogger for today’s live blog of the 2013 NHL Draft. The Vancouver Canucks have the 24th overall selection and six picks to make overall – unless things get wild and crazy and trades are made…(dramatic music).

Either way, I’m at the top of section 18 in the Prudential Center in New Jersey and I’ll have the latest and greatest of the goings on. So you know, this blog is the only source of trade deadline information available anywhere, don't even bother looking elsewhere.

One ground rule: I will be reporting rumours as they surface from qualified sources, which includes my imaginary friend Gaston; all rumours will appear in italics to keep things running smoothly.

If you've got any questions, comments, complaints or you just want to compliment me on my suit today, leave a comment below, tweet @VanCanucks or write it down and have Hedwig fly it over to me.

Let's do this.

2:00 p.m. (EST) -- What's up everybody! I hope you're as excited as I am for today's draft. I was on the Canucks team bus and we literally just got to New Jersey 30 minutes ago, so I'm hungry. I'm off to find some food before I introduce you to [name] and Donovan, two friends I made today.

2:35 -- Great news, I've eaten and am no longer hangry. Check out the photo to the right; on the left is [name] Gilman, as in Canucks assistant GM Laurence Gilman's son. [name] will be the Canucks runner for today, which means he'll run around and do important tasks when needed. This is his third time running for Vancouver, and, sadly, this will be his last. He's 13-years-old now and that's the maximum age of a runner, according to NHL rules. [name] has the biggest smile of anyone in New Jersey right now. On the right of the photo is me with Donovan McNabb, former Campbell's Chunky Soup spokesman, who played quarterback or something too. He's Darnell Nurse's uncle and is here to support him as his NHL career begins.

2:40 -- Blast from the past. Just ran into former Canucks forward Jeff Tambellini. He's here to support his brother Adam, who will be drafted. Tambellini says hi.

2:47 -- What's it like being here? It's chaos, organized chaos (see photo below). There are people everywhere and I mean everywhere. There is more media here than fans too, which is bizarre to see. Most people are dressed up, some not so much. No one really knows what to do or where to be, then the man on the microphone tells everyone what to do. He's currently introducing all the tables and the Devils fans are booing. It's awesome. Huge RANGERS SUCK chant.

2:59 -- I'm actually very excited right now. That will likely wear off by pick 2. Good thing the media room was filled with treats: I'm talking chocolate, chips and cookies. #sugarhigh Question - If two cookies are stuck together, does it count as one? I say yes.

3:05 -- Here we go. Time for the fun to start. What are your expectations for today? Hoping the Canucks draft 24th? If so, who would you like to see picked? Maybe you want Vancouver to pull off a trade? If so, which players are involved? Play GM for a minute, comment below with your thoughts.

3:06 -- Massive booing for Gary Bettman as he takes to the podium to kick off the draft. I actually can't understand him through all the heckling. Wow.

3:12 -- Nathan Mackinnon goes first overall to the Colorado Avalanche. Congrats! Is it Vancouver's turn yet?

3:16 -- Here's the deal: Every team gets three minutes to make their pick. When that runs out, they walk up, slowly, and announce their pick. I say they change that. They have three minutes to get to the mic and announce their pick, or the next team can jump in and steal it. How exciting would the draft be then! Kind of like the XFL kickoff when the players had to run to the ball - no one remembers that, just me? Oh. Nevermind.

3:27 -- Seth Jones, predicted to go first overall, goes fourth, to the Nashville Predators. More interesting than that, the in-house DJ has been playing the Jurassic Park soundtrack between picks. Seriously. This is wicked.

3:29 -- Now he's playing Foo Fighters. Did the DJ swipe my yellow sport walkman?!?

3:38 -- Comment from Dawn: I want updates that matter. ie interpreting Mike Gillis secret hand signals .... - Good point Dawn. I just stared at Gillis for 145 seconds and here's what I saw: he drank some water, said something to Gilman and checked his phone. Now THAT'S insider info. You're welcome.

3:45 -- Darnell Nurse goes seventh overall, ushered to the stage by Pirates of the Caribbean theme song. That is not on my tape.

3:50 -- Canucks are up in 17 picks...

3:57 -- If what I just heard is true, the Canucks will be involved in New Jersey's 10th overall pick.


4:01 -- With the 9th overall pick, the Canucks select Bo Horvat, C (London, OHL). Comment: Plays at both ends of the ice, scores dirty goals. Love it. Heard he can palm a medicine ball.

4:30 -- I'm back. That was wild. I ran down to meet Bo and here's what we know: his favourite player is Mike Richards, he played on frozen backyard ponds on his grandparents farm growing up and is from a small town call Rodney, of 1,000 people - he has 80 people here with him today. Do the math.

4:33 -- Meet Bo Harvat. Story on Bo here.

4:43 -- This is still nuts. I can't actually believe it. The draft went from 0 to 60 in a heartbeat. What's the reaction out there? How do you feel about this move?

4:47 -- Bo's first interview.

4:53 -- Here's what the official NHL Draft guide says about Horvat: First thing that jumps about about Bo is his incredible work ethic and awareness in all zones. He brings an interesting skillset offensively as he has slick hands down the wing, good power and a nose for the net. Able to create scoring opportunities in many different ways whether it's his creativity off the rush or banging home a garbage goal on the doorstep. Horvat has a strong body presence out front and good puck protection along the wall and low in the offensive zone. Does all of the little things right and has shown superb leadership by example. Built for playoff hockey and potential to be a team captain down the road. NHL potential: 2nd-3rd line two-way center with great work ethic and developing offensive update. Style compared to: Ryan O'Reilly.

5:04 -- We're onto the 20th overall pick, Canucks are up again in a flash.

5:10 -- I am using the headline Bo Knows for every story I ever do about him, so you know.

5:24 -- The Canucks are on the clock again. Only the second time since 1990 they've had two first round selections.

5:29 -- With the 24th overall pick, the Canucks select Hunter Shinkaruk, LW Medicine Hat, WHL. Comment: One of the most dynamic offensive threats in the draft. Solid.

5:30 -- I'm headed down to meet the new new guy, Hunter. Back in a jiffy.

6:12 -- Annnnd I'm back, a little sweatier than before I left. Hunter Shinkaruk seems like a great kid, he could not be happier to be in a Canucks jersey. His smile is rivaling [name]'s. Speaking of [name], saw him mingling with the New Jersey runner. I can't confirm this, but the Schneider for 9th pick trade may have been worked out between those two. Those kids got game.

6:15 -- Here's what the official NHL Draft guide says about Shinkaruk: Shinkaruk had 49 goals last year and has gone into his draft year with tremendous expectations. One of only a couple of first time draft eligible players who also happen to wear the captain's C on their uniforms, Shinkaruk is an extremely valuable contributor on and off the ice. One of the final cuts for Canada's WJC team, Shinkaruk is a very skilled and very intelligent offensive player who can also will offense to happen. He has a great shot, slick hands and knows what to do in almost every of the offensive zones. He tends to shine brightest when needed the most and is no stranger to putting the team on his back. Shinkaruk doesn't take no for an answer. NHL Potential: Top 6 forward who will contribute offense and will always provide a spark when needed. Style compares to: David Perron.

6:23 -- Meet Hunter Shinkaruk.

6:25 -- We've got a few minutes here now between picks. We're into the second round and the Canucks don't pick again until the 3rd round, 85th overall - unless there's another trade. Let's all take a little break, get some fresh air and maybe some food (yes I'm hungry again).

7:00 -- We're on pick 53 of the draft. I believe that's pick 53 of 100,000; we're going to be here all night and I didn't bring my pajamas. Great.

7:13 -- What's happening now, Derek? Well, the teams are still making picks, but they don't go to the podium, they announce it from microphones at their tables. And it's loud in here, so no one can really hear anything. I may or may not have been drafted yet. Likely not.

8:00 -- With the 85th overall pick, the Canucks select Cole Cassels, C Oshawa Generals, OHL. Comment: He's the son of former Vancouver player Andrew Cassels. Cool.

8:11 -- The good son Cassels, courtesy of On a roster laden with offensive talents such as that of the Oshawa Generals, it is refreshing to see a player such as Cole Cassels flourish, one who prides himself on being more of an agitator and is a strong penalty killer. The son of former NHL player Andrew Cassels, Cole does not employ the same point production that his father had during his OHL career with the Ottawa 67's, but he has found himself to be useful in other ways. Cassels thrives on playing a physical game that allows him to be one of the more feared players on the ice when he is out there. He has really good skating ability and he is as tenacious as they come. His defensive game is quite sound and he has already demonstrated the leadership that his father had during his professional career. Cassels will find himself elevated to the top two lines in Oshawa next year with veterans such as Boone Jenner, Lucas Lessio and Scott Sabourin all leaving after this year. A player much like Sabourin himself, Cassels could surely find himself becoming more of an offensive producer as his ice time increases, especially if he is given the opportunity to play with Philadelphia Flyers first-rounder Scott Laughton, if the latter does not remain in the NHL next season. Cassels is a model teammate and he plays with such energy that it rubs off on all of his teammates.

8:19 -- Meet Cole Cassels.

8:20 -- Just went and met both the Horvat and Shinkaruk families. Both families had exceptional things to say about Vancouver's two first round picks, I'd tell you about it, but Vancouver drafts again momentarily.

8:28 -- With the 115th overall pick, the Canucks select Jordan Subban, D, Belleville Bulls, OHL. Comment: He's the brother of P.K. Subban and Boston Bruins goaltending prospect Malcolm Subban. Nifty.

8:54 -- With the 145th overall pick, the Canucks select Anton Cederholm, D, Rogle BK, Sweden.

9:10 -- All of the sudden the draft is flying by. Went down to interview Subban and actually missed our next pick. The Canucks have two left and four of the first five are actually here, hence all the running around. I don't know tons about these guys, but they're all character people, that's clear having only met them briefly.

9:11 -- Anyone still following out there? No? Does that mean I can take a nap??

9:15 -- Just did some digging on Subban, here's the latest from Hockey's Future: Subban has received a lot of attention in this league -- and most definitely will at the NHL Draft -- simply due to his name. With older brothers P.K. and Malcolm being second- and first-round selections, respectively, he has a lot to live up to. While Subban likely will be drafted in the third or fourth round, he just doesn’t have the same upside as his brothers. He’s got a good, heavy shot and solid skating abilities, but is shorter than what’s usually desired. Subban also needs to work on his defensive responsibilities. What the youngest Subban brother brings to the table is intelligence – he named to the OHL’s Scholastic Team this year. He transfers that intelligence on the ice, where he plays a solid, smart offensive game.

9:15 -- Meet Jordan Subban.

9:16 -- Ditto on Cederholm, here's what is saying: A big, fearless stay-at-home defenseman. Limited in terms of offensive upside and puck skills, but usually plays a simple and smart game. Not the fastest of skater, but decent mobility. Has the tools to become a reliable depth defenseman logging big minutes on the penalty kill.

9:19 -- With the 175th overall pick, the Canucks select Mike Williamson, D, Spruce Grove Saints, AJHL.

9:22 -- Williamson has committed to Penn State for the upcoming season, here's his bio from their site: Listed in the NHL Central Scouting Final Rankings in advance of the 2013 NHL Entry Draft ... Played parts of three seasons with the Spruce Grove Saints of the Alberta Junior Hockey League ... Teammates with Nittany Lion forwards Dylan Richard and David Glen ... Skated in 23 regular-season games in 2012-13 and collected 11 points (1g, 10a) ... Helped lead Spruce Grove to the North Division championship ... Added four points (1g, 3a) in 15 playoff games ... Collected nine goals and nine assists in 41 regular-season games in 2011-12 ... Gathered six points (4g, 2a) in 11 playoff games ... Named Rookie of the Year and to the AJHL All-Rookie Team ... Also played for the Leduc Oil Kings ... Was named the team's top defenseman in 2008-09.

9:33 -- The Bruins are having computer issues, which is delaying the 180th overall pick from being selected. Come on Bruins!

9:44 -- Mike Gillis spoke to reporters earlier, here's the video, for your video viewing pleasure.

9:56 -- With the 205th overall pick, the Canucks select Miles Liberati, D, London Knights, OHL.

9:57 -- First Google search of Miles Liberati reveals the following:

9:59 -- That was cool. Martin Brodeur is here, in New Jersey, and he just announced the Devils have selected Anthony Brodeur.

10:00 -- The final pick of the 2013 Draft has come and gone and that concludes the action. What a day. None of this will sink in until tomorrow, but overall I'm really happy with what the Canucks did. Bold moves.

10:01 -- Thank you for following along, all seven of you out there. See you back in Vancouver, hopefully the plane can land there!

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