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2013 Free Agent Frenzy live blog

by Derek Jory / Vancouver Canucks
Let the frenzy begin!

Well hello there. Welcome to Free Agent Frenzy, which you can call FAF if you want to sound cool in front of your friends. My name is Derek Jory and I’ll be your host for today’s good times; the reviews are in from my 2013 NHL Draft live blog: “it was cute,” “you’re an idiot, son” and “we pay you to talk about Jurassic Park?” – fingers crossed today’s blog is equally as well received.

I’ll be reporting live from Canucks Headquarters all day with the latest surrounding the Vancouver Canucks as management continues to shape this team for the 2013-14 NHL season and beyond. The Canucks war room is just down the hallway and I plan on peaking through the keyhole a lot today, so stay tuned for updates you can’t get anywhere else.

One ground rule: I will be reporting rumours as they surface from qualified sources, which includes my bobblehead Marshall Faulk; all rumours will appear in italics to keep things running smoothly.

If you've got any questions, comments, complaints or simply want to reminisce about how foolish Joey was choosing Pacey over Dawson in the end, leave a comment below, tweet @VanCanucks, or write it down, put it in a ziploc bag, bake a cake and put it in the cake and then send me the cake and I'll eat my way to your query. Mmmm....cake.

Let's do this.

8:38 a.m. (PST) -- What's up everybody! It seems like just five days ago we were here, me writing, you reading, and now we're reunited again. This was meant to be. I missed you. You look great in that sweater. The blog is officially up and running; my first crucial update is to inform you of my breakfast, which will be apple cinnamon oatmeal with granola on top.

9:09 -- Bad news: my water to oatmeal ratio was WAY off. Blarg.

9:19 -- Everything Canucks you need to know about Free Agency Friday, courtesy of Jeff Angus -,,

9:28 -- Some interesting moves already this morning: Daniel Alfredsson to the Red Wings, Ray Emery to the Flyers and Chipchura stays with the Coyotes.

9:37 -- Nothing doing on the Canucks front, not even any rumours to report from people who actually know things. Soooooo we've got Family Feud playing on our huge flat screen 3D HDTV.

9:41 -- If the Canucks sign one player and only one player today, who do you want it to be and why?

9:59 -- @CanucksArmy: Fresh fish: Should the Canucks Sign Matt Cullen?

10:04 -- More moves about the league: Mike Ribeiro to the Coyotes, Horton to the Blue Jackets and Clowe to the Devils.

10:08 -- @CTV_kelcey: Multiple reports suggesting Mason Raymond has signed with the #Flames. That is NOT the case. He remains UNSIGNED.

10:25 -- Still nothing to report on the Canucks front. Are we having fun yet?

10:26 -- If you're a frustrated hockey fan right now, watch this: - it'll make you laugh.

10:33 -- A lot of comments below and tweets flying around mentioning Jarome Iginla and the Canucks. Thoughts?

10:45 -- @BBonCanucks: #Canucks sign Tim Thomas to 10yr/$65million deal. True? Rumour? I just made it up???

11:07 -- Time to start talking lunch: what should I eat today and where should I get it from? This decision has the potential to be the most important one made today...

11:19 -- I'd take a good Canucks rumour at this point. Nadda. Silence.

11:28 -- @tg_gman: Boyd Gordon would have been a nice fit in Van but $3 mil per for a guy with four goals in 48 games last season is pretty rich.

11:39 -- @patersonjeff: It's like the doors at Rogers Arena are locked. No free agents coming to or leaving #Canucks - I can confirm the doors not in fact locked.

11:47 -- Not sure how I ended up on this video, but I must share it with you. Meet the Rollie Eggmaster:

11:59 -- @Real_ESPNLeBrun: Craig Adams is among the UFA depth centers that the Vancouver Canucks have kicked the tires on

12:02 p.m. -- Lunch update: Intern Colin is doing some intense research on possible places to order from before we have a Web Team vote. I'm kind of craving pizza, because I know you care.

12:06 -- @anguscertified: Still some good depth centers out there - Matthew Lombardi and David Steckel, to name two. #canucks

12:18 -- Two things: I just heard something I can't tell you, sucks, I know, and Colin is ordering pizza. Oh and I'll be able to tell you that something soon.

12:28 -- Bobby Ryan to the Ottawa Senators. Interesting, verrrrrry interesting. (No this is not the news I heard, c'mon guys).

12:42 -- @Team1040: The Canucks have signed defenseman Yannick Weber to a 1 year deal worth $650,000. - Again, until this is confirmed by the Canucks, this is not confirmed.

12:52 -- Intern Colin, I know you're reading this - where's the pizza bra??

12:58 -- An epic Jason Garrison update - @RossTheBoss19__ : Just saw Jason Garrison @GarrisonFive from the #Canucks getting his barbecue fixed at my work.

1:00 -- PIZZA'S HERE!! And yes, that's an alphabet plate I'm eating off of. Jeeeeealous?

1:11 -- Still no official word on any Canucks deals.

1:12 - Pacey was a better fit for Joey than Dawson? Come on mandygroening, that's a lie! I'm gonna really show my true colours here and say that Dawson and Joey belonged together, they were soul-mates. Good talk. Back to hockey now.

1:22 -- @b_ryan9: My gf just asked me if we were moving north of Detroit. Not a geography major haha

1:27 -- UH OH: @CanadiensMTL - FYI @VanCanucks, we're ready for our Movember rematch...


1:45 -- Welcome to the family Brad Richardson. Now get rid of everything LA Kings asap.

2:08 -- The fan feedback seems positive about Richardson, which is good. This guy is feisty and is going to bring aggression and a nice edge. Speak of edge, I love the movie The Edge, loved the bear, and you'll have to bear with me when I get distracted like this.

2:17 -- Cody Curry - Sooooo you don't want to hear about dessert? MabbieB - ;)

2:22 -- Back to silence. Richardson is doing a conference call at 2:30, I'll put the goods of what is said here, for your reading pleasure.

2:30 -- Epic Jason Garrison update II - @GarrisonFive “@RossTheBoss19__: Just saw Jason Garrison @GarrisonFive from the #Canucks getting his barbecue fixed at my work.” Coming back For pickup!!

2:34 -- Richardson conference call: "I'm super happy to be part of the Vancouver Canucks. I flew in there and met with the team, that was big and just getting in and sitting down with the guys was important to me. This is going to be a great fit for me."

2:35 -- Richardson is a natural centre, but he's played left and right wing. The Canucks want him to play centre.

2:38 -- Richards on playing for Tortorella: "Darryl can be pretty demanding, he's a great coach, but he demands a lot of his players. John will probably be the same way. I've heard from other players he's a great coach, fair, but tough."

2:41 -- Richards on how he sees the Canucks: "Very tough team to play against, they've got great goaltending, great forwards, great D, they want to win and so do I. I want to win again. I wanted to go to a team that was good and has a chance to win, that's why I'm here. I'm very excited about this."


3:10 -- @Team1040: Hear from Brad Richardson coming up at 3:15pm on #TEAM1040 with @patersonjeff and @tg_gman.

3:13: -- GM Mike Gillis is scheduled to speak to the media at 4 p.m. today, so if there are more moves coming, they'll be coming in the next little bit, unless they come after that.

3:26 -- @SportsnetSpec: Per @RenLavoieRDS, Lapierre to the Blues on a two-year deal. All the best in St. Louis, Lappy. I'll miss the grit, the good quotes and you still have my camera, I forgot it in the back of your SUV when we visited you in Montreal last year...

3:45 -- I'm getting sleepy. Nothing to report right now, but until Gillis emerges from the war room, anything could happen, yes anything could happen, anything could happen #elliegoulding

4:11 -- Mike Gillis just spoke and he spoke highly of the new recruits. Said Richardson has been on the Canucks radar for a while and that Weber's booming shot, which he compared to that of Sami Salo, will help on the power play. He added the Canucks feel better coming out of the draft than they have in years that the young prospects will push for positions on the team.

4:21 -- Not sure if anyone is still reading this, but if so, rest assured I'll be here until Mike Gillis walks past my office on his way home. We could still do anything until then.

4:50 -- Iginla to the Bruins? Oh man.

5:00 -- And with that, the live blog comes to an end as Mike Gillis walks past my office. Thanks for following along, it's been a blast, as always. Have a super weekend!

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