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19 Stories: Favourite on-ice moments

by Staff Writer / Vancouver Canucks

As we continue 19 Stories on, we decided to bring the greatest moments of #19 to Twitter.

In tribute to Markus Naslund, @VanCanucks threw this question into cyberspace: what was your fav. on-ice Naslund moment? Tell us & you could be featured in a CDC article.

We were hit with an overwhelming response; here's the best of the best.

@pawshdogspa: @VanCanucks My favourite is when he would be the 1st star of the night and when he came out he would clap for us. Class act!

@erudianart: @VanCanucks end to end rush vs Calgary in the playoffs.

@k_e_n_t: @VanCanucks when naslund scored all 4 goals in a game against pittburgh, getting the winner in OT

@Tazzdemona: @VanCanucks when markus came to the side of the ice and saluted the crowd on crutches a few years back, the crowd went nutz

@Mohrsey: @VanCanucks The 4 goal performance against the Penguins when Chris Levec was on the bench.

@taryneliza_beth: @VanCanucks February 24th, 2003. 6 point night in a 8-0 win over the Thrashers. He absolutely dominated the offensive zone that night!

@vancan19: @vancanucks fav Nazzy moment, game 7 vs CAL, streakin down left wing, 8 secs 2 go, cuts 2wards net, puts the puck on Kipper, cooke scores.

@RationalTester: @VanCanucks Naslund's coast to coast goal vs. Ottawa & Patrick Lalime

@pawar_p: Favourite Naslund moment. The deke he put on Joseph in a regualar season penalty shot. Joseph was considered elite at that time.

@paulbaluch: When Naslund completed the IKEA line with the Sedins!

@Koreancanuck00: End to end rush in the dying seconds of Game 7 in 2004 playoffs vs Calgary. He didn't get a goal but allowed Cooke to get it.

@mozy19: One Fav Nazzy moment: was his GTG with 24 secs left to cap a 3rd period comeback vs Wings. Malik OT winner

@RyanCompany: end to end with jovo in the box during the playoffs. He put the team on his back with that one. (Too bad they lost in OT)

@bmah03: Didn't matter what game it was Naslund on the half wall was glorious. 2010 team doesn't have a sniper like that.

@Tambellini_Girl: When he finally scored in a Canuck jersey with a hat-trick against the Flames! Helped the #Canucks go to the playoffs that year!

@Twinky211: Nalund's four goals against the Leafs to lead them to a win.

@Winsons618: Penalty shot vs the Leafs (CuJo in net methinks?)

@Mattwin: "Naslund dashing in, 10 seconds left. Markus Naslund to the net, stopped... Scores! Matt Cooke! Cashing in. 5.7 seconds left!"

@kiankhosh: Nazzy's best moment was def in 2003 when he singlehandedly got the tying goal versus Calgary –

@Jarredbond: my favorite naslund moment was when he took it end to end to set up the tieing goal in game 7 against the Flames with 5 seconds…

@EssJayEh: My favourite Naslund moment was on 12/9/03 when he scored all 4 goals in a 4-3 victory over the Pens, including the OT winner!

@jorge2cr: Mine has to be the setup for Cook in gm 7 vs CGY in 2004. First hockey game I watched and made a Canuck for life

@TGoyel: Naslund's penalty shot against CUJO(leafs) or Naslund's dash up the ice game 7 playoffs against flames and cooker tieing it

@12thmannorth: oast to coast against the Sens before ripping it past Lalime, or "Oh Captain My Captain" call on the radio.

@Hockeyfan1992: Naslund's penalty shot goal against Toronto. Such a sick move

@good_tony: marcus jan 8th vs ottawa he goes end to end blowing by 3 senators before going shelf

@Save_You: Easily my favorite memory of Naslund was the game he scored 4 goals in. He was a beast. That's the Naslund we should remember.

@bumblebeeta: My favorite moment is when Nazzy broke his leg in Buffalo, and courageously tried getting back to the bench on his own.

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