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The Fin's Friends program is designed to teach the basic elements of character education and social responsibility to primary students throughout British Columbia. Students are taught to respect themselves and others by emphasizing the virtues of strong character, such as compassion, kindness, and perseverance. Specific children's literature is used as a basis to stress these positive character virtues and all books are included in the package.

What makes Fin's Friends so unique is that it completely fulfills the British Columbia curriculum mandates for Social Responsibility in primary grades, as outlined in the "BC Performance Standards - Social Responsibility, Grades K-3". We were able to ensure this by partnering with local educators throughout the entire development process. By focusing on the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that help the learner make responsible choices Fin's Friends develops the building blocks for life-long success. The curricula for each grade components are distinct from one another, with different literature and emphasized virtues:

  • Kindergarten teaches compassion and fairness
  • Grade one curriculum teaches kindness, perseverance, and peacefulness
  • Grade two curriculum teaches respect and responsibility
  • Grade three curriculum teaches courage and citizenship

Over the past 15 years, Fin's Friends has been in more than 5,000 primary classrooms in both English and French Immersion across British Columbia. In that time, more than 125,000 students have participating in the valuable character education program. Fin's Friends is made possible thanks to funding from the Canucks for Kids Fund.


Registration for the 2019/2020 school year will begin in April 2019. Please check back here for full registration form at that time.




Frequently Asked Questions

Fin's Friends is completely free. We provide the Fin's Friends program to interested BC primary teachers and their schools absolutely free of charge with the expectation that they will complete the entire program over the course of the school year.

Each kit contains a hearty curriculum, developed by local teachers to fit the curriculum mandates or social responsibility in primary grades. It also includes 4 different children's books to accompany the curriculum, a plush Fin doll, a Fin puppet, class-set of book marks, a Fin's Friends puck, a Fin's Friends poster, and a class-set of certificates of completion. All of these items are contained in a custom Fin's Friends canvas zip-up bag.

If you are already registered for the Fin's Friends program and have already received a kit, but are needing to replenish your supplies, please fill out this form.


Please only select what you need, as our resources are very limited. In most cases, only the bookmarks and certificates will need replenishing.

All replenishment items will be automatically shipped to your school during the first week of September. If you teach more than one grade of Fin's Friends, please complete a separate replenishment form for each grade you teach.

Absolutely! We'll even take care of the shipping costs to send your Fin's Friends kit directly to your school at the start of the school year.

We encourage teachers to find a pace that is appropriate for their classroom. Some teachers take 6 weeks to get through the program, others take 6 months.

Yes please. A lot of time, money and resources have gone into the production and distribution of Fin's Friends. We ask that only teachers who think they will be fully dedicated to this program register. An important thing to keep in mind is that Fin's Friends will completely fulfill the Ministry-mandated social responsibility curriculum that must be taught in each primary classroom throughout the Province each year.

We wish we could arrange for Fin to every Fin's Friends classroom, but with more than 1200 Fin's Friends classes throughout the entire province unfortunately it is not possible. Instead, we offer a contest every fall for classes in the Lower Mainland to enter to win a Fin visit. We draw a minimum of 12 classes to win a visit. All classroom visits will take place before February.

Unfortunately, due to our limited resources, we can only offer one Fin's Friends kit to each class. Having said that, it is completely appropriate to teach whichever grade you select to your entire class, even if you have a split-class as the lessons and values are transferable and adaptable. When you register, please let us know which grade you prefer to receive.

Absolutely! In fact, we whole-heartedly encourage it! We provide Replenishment Order forms to top up your Fin's Friends kit before the start of each new school year. Items such as bookmarks and certificates can be sent to you each year at no cost.

Unfortunately, due to our limited resources, we can usually only offer one Fin's Friends kit to each class. Depending on the number of students in each grade that you teach, we may be able to bend the rules. Please let us know your situation in the Comments section of the Registration process.

Due to our limited resources, we can only offer the Fin's Friends program to Elementary school teachers.

If you will be teaching a different grade next year, you need to register again for the new grade. We strongly encourage you to pass on your current kit to a different teacher who could use it. Please let us know who you've passed it on to in the comments section of your registration form.

Yes - on the gentle cycle.