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Winnipeg - December 22, 2011

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

If you take a stroll down memory lane, you might recall our first visit to Winnipeg back on October 9 of this year for the Jets home-opener. Always willing to take one for the team, we went out to conduct a personal test and discover if the famed corner of Portage and Main is actually the coldest intersection in all of Canada, as legend would seem to suggest. Turns out it wasn’t all that cold… In the end we conceded that we were only there in October after all, and a better test would be in December when the team would return for their final road game before Christmas, when we would test the weather in more optimal conditions. Which brings us to today. We opted for a more scientific method this time around and employed the use of a thermometer. The results were a brisk, but certainly not bone-chillingly-cold, -8 degrees Celsius… just like pretty much every other intersection we passed through on our way to the arena.


If you find yourself in the mood to impress your family and friends over the holidays – or even make a bit of money on bets if you’re up for it – ask people if they can name you the first-ever team to win a Olympic goad medal in hockey. Chances are they’re not going to respond with the Winnipeg Falcons – which incidentally is the correct answer. The Falcons represented Canada in Antwerp, Belgium in the 1920 Olympics, bringing home the gold and bragging rights in the process. The MTS Center has a display honoring their exploits, with the original jerseys worn at the tournament, newspaper clippings and a mural of the championship team.

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