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We knew it all along

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
MONTREAL – The season is coming so bust out your Habs jerseys, get your fantasy pools lined up and rest up those vocal chords because according to Forbes, you’re going to need them.

America’s Best Sports Fans
1. Boston Red Sox 9. Dallas Cowboys
2. Pittsburgh Steelers 10. St. Louis Cardinals
3. Detroit Red Wings 11. Montreal Canadiens
4. Indianapolis Colts 12. Los Angeles Lakers
5. New England Patriots 13. Cleveland Cavaliers
6. Pittsburgh Penguins 14. New York Yankees
7. Boston Celtics 15. Philadelphia Phillies
8. San Antonio Spurs 16. Chicago Blackhawks
The prestigious magazine took a look at fans from the NFL, NBA, MLB and NHL to determine which teams were backed by the most passionate and loyal supporters in sports. The Montreal faithful didn’t go unnoticed as the Habs were the only team north of the border to get a mention on the list. In fact, only 10 teams total were ahead of the Canadiens in fan support last year, according to Forbes.

Ahead of the Canadiens, only NHL fans from Detroit and Pittsburgh cracked the Top 10. Winning the Cup certainly has its advantages in this category since the Blackhawks were also vaulted to the 16th and final spot on the list after winning it all this June. 

While not an exact science, there were a few variables taken into consideration when comparing fans from different markets and different sports: number of fans at home and away games, merchandise sales and the popularity of the team, according to results of a survey.

Not taken into consideration, however, were intangibles like the level of passion with which fans cheer on their team during games, or the level of appreciation for smaller details like chasing down an icing or clearing the zone on the P.K. And while attendance on the road was measured, the number of “Ole, ole, ole, ole” chants raining down on opposing netminders in their own building definitely wasn’t.

Vincent Cauchy is a writer for Translated by Shauna Denis.

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