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Washington - February 24, 2012

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

If you’ve ever found yourself looking for parking on the busy streets of downtown Montreal, you’ve probably come across a sign or two describing parking times and restrictions so complicated that CIA code-breakers would have been left scratching their heads. Apparently Washington has decided to take things a step further. The sign pictured here is but a small taste of what the nation’s capital had to offer when it came to parking restrictions. We also saw a pole with seven (we counted) parking signs stretching from top to bottom. The staff was handed two parking tickets in the time it took to snap this picture.

One of the many legendary sights spread out around the city of Washington, the “refecting pool” separating the Washington monument and Lincoln memorial was one of the first stops on our to-see list. Unfortunately, upon arrival it didn’t take long to realize there wasn’t much of a reflection to be seen. The reconstruction of the pool, which apparently began back in October of 2010, was still well underway. As we walked by, we also couldn’t help but notice that the crane to the right had three parking violations stuck to its window and had been outfitted with a boot.

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