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Uniondale - March 21, 2013

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

Nearby the Nassau Coliseum you can find Eisenhower Park, clearly named in honor of the 34th president of the United States, Dwight Eisenhower. Spread out over 930 acres of land, the park stands out as one of the largest in New York’s metropolitan area. Boasting dozens of sporting venues across its giant terrain, Eisenhower Park has 16 tennis courts, 17 baseball diamonds, the Nassau County Aquatic Center, and three golf courses in addition to a slew of statues commemorating the many firefighters that lost their lives during the events of 9/11. The Commerce Bank PGA tournament was played on Eisenhower Park’s Red Course for the last time in 2008.

As we were heading out of the restaurant on Wednesday night, we couldn’t help but notice a giant, ornate carousel sitting right in the middle of the Uniondale shopping mall we found ourselves in. Unfortunately, the throwback carnival ride was closed for repairs and we didn’t get the chance to see it in action, but since it seemed to have been a staple of the mall for some time, we did a little research to find out just how long. The ride was built completely by hand in Venice, Italy and is an identical replica of the carousel built by German designer Philippe Schneider in 1898 which was actually pulled by real horses all the way up until 1928.

With Easter right around the corner, the Uniondale mall we were visiting happened to have an Easter Bunny meet-and-greet kiosk just beside their broken carousel. You know the deal – kids’ parents pay $15 so their son/daughter can get a hug from a dude in a giant Easter Bunny costume and walk away with a chocolate egg at the end of it all. Maybe the pressure of the Easter Holiday was finally catching up with him, maybe he had to deal with a hoard of particularly bratty kids that day, maybe he had one too many Long Island Ice Teas on his break, or maybe he just has some personal rabbit-issues going on – but what ever the deal was, this bunny definitely seemed to be having a rough end to his day.

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