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by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens
MONTREAL – The Habs mean business. Look no further than Travis Moen’s face as proof of that.

Only a few days removed from receiving 50 stitches to repair a nasty gash suffered at the blade of the Senators’ Matt Cullen’s skate, Moen was back at his post only three days later. Wearing a visor for the first since his junior days, Moen was all smiles after the Canadiens crucial win over the Panthers.
“The visor wasn’t too bad, it just took a little getting used to,” admitted Moen, who also earned a passing grade from his one-year-old baby at home. “It was ok actually. The baby didn’t react at all. There was just a little surprise at first, but it was fine.”
Grinning despite looking like something out of a horror movie, Moen had to stop and think what it would’ve taken to keep him out of the lineup for another game after having begrudgingly not suited up in Buffalo on Wednesday night. Surprisingly, amputation wasn’t what he came up with.
“What would’ve kept me out? Not much. The doctors I guess. We have such a great medical staff, if they said I couldn’t go, then I wouldn’t have. That’s about it though,” shrugged Moen, despite his epic shiner and stitched face. “Playing at this time of year is what it’s all about. This is why you work so hard at camp and all season long. Ask any player in this room and they’ll tell you that we all want to be out there, injured or not. You don’t feel the bumps and bruises at this time of year.”
Don’t count linemate Dominic Moore among those shocked to see Moen back in action so soon after his accident.
“This time of year, it’s all about winning ugly,” said Moore, unintentionally yet aptly describing his trusty but mangled wingman. “He such a warrior. Can’t say I was surprised to see him out there. Travis doesn’t need that scar to show the type of player he is. We already know it.”
Having paid the price himself recently by battling back from a knee injury, Michael Cammalleri fell just short of openly saluting his determined teammate, who helped lead the Ducks to the Stanley Cup in 2007.
“I think seeing him out there proves that we have tough guys in this dressing room. The type of guys that know the importance of what we’re trying to do here,” said Cammalleri. “There are a lot of players in here that want to win desperately in order to reach the playoffs. Travis is one of them.”
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