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#Twitterstar: @PattyShwayz

by Staff Writer / Montréal Canadiens

When the Canadiens made a multi-player trade with the Flames last January to acquire Rene Bourque, it didn’t take long for Habs fans to start getting to know one of the components of that deal: Patrick Holland. The 20-year-old forward has been making a name for himself on the ice in his debut season with the Bulldogs, but he’s had the online world buzzing for years with his witty tweets. We sat down with @PattyShwayz to find out if turning pro has altered his unique tweeting style.

Who convinced you to join the Twittersphere:

The guys on my junior team in Tri-City had accounts and we used Twitter to mess around between us.

Do you feel like you succumbed to the “Dark Side of the force”?

It can be fun. You can use it for positive things. Obviously there’s more negative you can do to yourself with social media than positive. You have to be careful. But as long as you don’t do anything stupid and be mature, you’ll be okay. It’s a fun way to keep in contact with people in our position as fans. We’re definitely still fans – we’re not in the NHL yet!

How often do you go on Twitter daily:

I don’t have data on my phone anymore, so that really reduced it for me. I try to go on it maybe once per day and I’ll tweet maybe four or five times per week.

Which athletes do you following on Twitter:

I’m a pretty big tennis fan, so I followed Andy Murray (@andy_murray) for a while but most of his tweets were media related.

Name someone you follow on Twitter that would surprise people:

I think I mostly follow people that I know personally.

Do you sometimes shake your head after reading one of your teammates’ tweets?

I don’t really shake my head that much because I tell myself, good for him to have the guts to say it on Twitter! I remember last year, one of my teammates in Junior sent a tweet to the other team’s twitter handle during the playoffs. He didn’t say anything bad, but we couldn’t believe he did that.

One of your teammates that you’d like to see join Twitter:

We just forced Gally [Brendan Gallagher] to get on it; he would’ve been my choice.

What’s the weirdest Tweet you’ve ever received from one of your followers:

Last season after I got traded to the Habs, a couple girls asked me if I could go to their proms. I knew they were joking, but it was interesting, I guess.

Hugo Fontaine is a writer for Translated by Shauna Denis.

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